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  1. My Dad and I are making a video game! like, an actual, proper RPG! I'm gonna do the art for it and he's gonna do most of the programming! This is the prologue:


    A Long time ago, a child mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night.  Their Parents fell into a state of misery; there were no signs of being kidnapped and there was no reason for them to run away. A few weeks later, the child reappeared just as mysteriously, seemingly unharmed. The Parents asked and asked what had happened but all the child had to tell was a tale of adventures. with them as the protagonist. But there was no way for them to prove their 'Dream' either; the only thing that had changed besides their disappearance was a strange necklace they were wearing. This wasn't the only time this happened, though; there have been 3 of these incidents reported.

    basically, you're one of the kids that fall down and you play through a dream-like world with weird creatures and stuff making friends and solving puzzles.

    (also if one of you see or remember a strange creature from a dream plz describe it to me so i could put it in the game)




    1. Lucifer


      Noice. Are you using RPG maker?

  2. ugh, I've been so inactive and generally not on my computer cuz I'm constantly bored anyone wanna suggest a cool game?

  3. This message will now haunt this status thing until it goes off the screen >:D

  4. lalala


    i just sold a bunch of cupcakes and cookies


  5. isn't there like a quote or smthn to put at the bottom of each post where can i do that

    1. Turbotailz


      Account Settings > Signature

  6. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


    practice your daily alphabet!

  7. Whaaaaaaat why does everyone want a reset ;-; Well, that's sad, I was actually wondering what went wrong, but I guess it will be fun to start again. whatever happens, I'll definitely keep playing modded, because awesome modded servers are hard to find and I love diversity haha anyway, I liked a lot of the mods, but the most important ones to me are probably Bibliocraft, Pam's Harvestcraft, Mr. Crayfishs furniture mod, Biomes o' plenty, Galacticraft, Safari net, Tinkers Construct, Chisel, and the essential ones like Treecapitator, Morphs, and Minimaps. New ones that could be fun would be things like Candycraft, which allows you to go into a candy dimension, and Tropicraft, which adds a load of tropical stuff and even allows you to go to a safari paradise. (it also adds fish so that's cool) one I (surprisingly) don't want, is Mo' creatures. (Sorry) It just kinda stresses me out with all those potentially dangerous mobs? it really just makes me too scared to leave the first safe thing I jump on haha
  8. Word of the day: Bloop

  9. ooooh lets see thats a very long list Slimes, Parrots, Llamas, Cats,Dogs, Endermen, the motherflippin' enderdragon, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Mooshrooms- i like them all
  10. we're going to an aquarium tomorrow i am SO excited i love fish

  11. i myself have always wanted like just an open square with a fountain to jump around. a cafe sounds cool though, maybe some shops, or a tailor with actual died leather clothes.... a church sound nice too, also a bank would be cool if it'd have like safes that you can go into, or something like that. sounds really cool though!
  12. yeah idk why -_-''
  13. magic. so i can for fill other's wishes too! and to ride on a unicorn throwing cupcakes everywhere while dancing over rainbows with a Pikachu on my shoulder~~ whoops
  14. I am Turning Eleven!
  15. I'm One Year closer to dying! (yay?)
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