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  1. Hello! Would love to play with you again! -Kaitlyn

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    Something great*
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    That was amazing tho and you know it
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    leave it out, you know you love me, baby girl.
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    oh my gawd i ship me and @Vryx *nuzzles*
  6. I took those diamonds because they belonged to me and it was his claim but like it said on the door, "sync and caitlin's house", we shared chests, I have a lot of proof showing they were my items, I didn't need to ask to take anything as they were my items and he asked me to move in the house with him. I don't see why I'm banned for stealing when both I and sync have said I didn't.
  7. I have been banned due to "stealing" my belongings from the house I shared with sync, he asked who had taken them as we weren't on at the same time so he didn't know it was me, he text me earlier today telling me what's happened and he says he has tried speaking to Ace as I was taking my belongings back to my house and NOT stealing them, which sync knows, and he's been told I have to appeal. I've also messaged Ace privately on discord and she said I took his things which isn't true as we had both of our belongings in the same chests and recieved no reply after sending a screenshot of the messages from sync proving the only thing of his taken were a few books and horse armour which was by mistake and he's had them back.
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