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  1. Dear DiversitySMP staff and players, Recently, with the current state of the server and the issues we face while playing, I, along with some others, have been brainstorming some ways that this could possibly be fixed. We all found Diversity and decided to play for similar reasons. A friendly, community based server that doesn’t reset? Sounds amazing. However, it’s been over 7 years since the server started. As time has gone on, Div has changed a lot from what it used to be. The fact that everybody is already established and the common goal of “beating minecraft” is gone, it’s extremely hard to feel as though there is any sort of community on the server. I know for a fact many newer players feel discouraged to play on SMP because of this. Afterall, it’s hard to play on a server where many have spent years gathering what they have and you’re just barely starting out. This is why I think it would be a really good idea to start possibly considering a reset of the SMP world. As someone who has played since 2015 and has made a lot of progress on the server over the past 6 years, I know it’s gonna be hard for many older players to be comfortable with the idea of resetting, but it genuinely needs to happen eventually. This idea has been brought up multiple times and each time it’s been shut down because of the fact that Diversity prides itself on being a server that doesn’t reset, and quite frankly, they fear that many players would leave if it were to reset. That’s understandable, DiversitySMP’s player count has definitely gone down over the years, but that’s because hardly any of the new players that join are actually staying. Which, once again, is because of the major divide between new and old players, and the lack of a common goal. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As much as many of us don’t want to admit it, there are multiple ways in which resetting the server would actually do a lot more good than harm. The server costs would decrease massively. The current cost of the server is approximately $300 a month, which Div used to be able to handle before the donations slowly started to diminish. Currently, the cost of the server is basically being covered by Zore alone, which has to be pretty hard. The lag would also decrease massively. Having less chunks that are loaded/explored will help the performance of the server drastically. This kinda also raises the question of the world border and whether or not it’s too big. Honestly, everybody I have spoken to has agreed that the world border is a bit big and could easily be lowered to 100k. That way there aren’t as many chunks being loaded at once and the lag really wouldn’t be that bad. The server would actually be able to update to 1.17. The massive changes to the generation of chunks that come with 1.17 is going to quite literally break the server. As excited as everyone is to update, there’s no way that SMP could handle it without a complete reset. With that being said, while resetting the server right away would be nice, there’s no actual reason to do it until we plan on updating to 1.17. I think that giving players a heads-up a few months before resetting would be a really good idea. Lastly, what do we do with everyone’s hard work? Does it just disappear? Absolutely not! Nobody should have to lose all of their hard work. This is why DiversitySMP should let people get copies of their work in its current state before the reset, that way everyone still has access to it and can continue their projects. In conclusion, I would really appreciate it if the DiversitySMP staff would consider this request, even if it’s not approved, it would still be nice to get your feedback. Any players who have any ideas or input, please feel free to respond to this post. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions.
  2. i like your pfp!


  3. You may only pwned gerald the giant dragon when ty and i are online or else i will be FUMING
  4. Ooh I like this

    1. Regina


      can i not like my own post? what is this. Like

    2. Turbotailz
    3. Ash


      you're weird

      edit: I can't find the right color what is this

  5. Hello people. Goats are great. 

  6. Regina

    Bread is bad

    Good times. Still a major issue on the server, unfortunately.
  7. Goat

    1. MissStephanie


      What do you call a goat dressed like a clown?  

      A silly billy :)

  8. Regina

    Bread is bad

    Potatoes are amazing, Zore.
  9. This is old but my first memory on the server was becoming helper. I literally remember nothing before that
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