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  1. Ban appeal

    As this ban was so long ago, it will take staff a while to locate and retrieve the appropriate files. Thank you for your continued patience. -Thunder
  2. ban appeal

    You were permanently banned and that was decided on July 9th. Next time you are allowed to appeal, at minimum, is 6 months from the date we decided you were banned. Please refrain from creating another ban appeal. -Thunder
  3. (Another) PC build help request?

    Me af
  4. (Another) PC build help request?

    Yeah, but it's from 2001. Haven't used a desktop since 2008
  5. (Another) PC build help request?

    My old computer is a laptop, so salvaging parts is a no go
  6. (Another) PC build help request?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/cybertronpc-palladium-desktop-intel-core-i5-7400-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-1tb-hdd-black/5844200.p?skuId=5844200 This, but in blue. Also, last time I looked at this one, it was $750 and not the current price
  7. (Another) PC build help request?

    Whatever is cheapest
  8. (Another) PC build help request?

    I'll probably have an ssd to boot from, but not for mass storage.
  9. (Another) PC build help request?

    Not ultra settinngs, there's usually no need for that. I mean I'll probably be running my game for about 8 hours a day, plus using twitch, discord, slack, YouTube, and probs chrome all at once.
  10. (Another) PC build help request?

    Extremely heavy gaming, and possible twitch/YouTube streaming
  11. (Another) PC build help request?

    Ok, I know this is like the 4th thread recently about PC builds. I found a good computer that I like with an i5 and a GTX 1050ti in it for $750. Can anyone help me find a build or do a custom build for that or less?
  12. I was hacking.

    You need to have all the information in there, and for the sake of easy reading, please create a new line for each number. -Thunder
  13. Help Merga upgrade her PC?

    Excel and Word are my go-to programs for everything
  14. New Ores

    Don't forget the typical down time of ores when it does reset. That would limit playability to approximately 19-20 hours per day instead of what it is now.