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  1. ores

    Don't forget the typical down time of ores when it does reset. That would limit playability to approximately 19-20 hours per day instead of what it is now.
  2. Finally joined lmao

  3. As for the ores, tools, and weapons, a lot of those are already in the /kits we have on the server. Can you think of anything to put instead of these?
  4. I wouldn't get a large one though, just a 120 GB for putting the operating system on. Fill the rest with HDD or it may get really expensive
  5. Me being me, I would go with 16GB on the RAM. And yes, a GTX 1050 is plenty
  6. Cocaine t Rex
  7. Penicillin will kill me. #allergies
  8. Please be patient, the staff are discussing it. -Thunder
  9. Please be patient, we are still discussing your appeal. Thank you. -Thunder
  10. The staff is still discussing it. Thank you for your continuing patience. -Thunder
  11. Your temp ban was for one hour. You should be able to log back in, and I would advise listening to Lucifer and Two when they said to remove x-ray. Thanks! -Thunder
  12. lgbt+

    I dont know how to respond to this without sounding like a complete cock bag trying to come out of the closet. Hopefully this helps: Adam and I are due to be married sometime next year
  13. German. Adam speaks German, and I want to learn because i love the guttural tones of the language
  14. You look 2