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  1. IGN: Infern05 <- New IGN, old one was TBNRINferno. Discord: Inferno#2046 A cool gift would be something that has thought put into it! I love enchanted items! I could use a new, cool house also!
  2. Hey, My name is Inferno. Some of you may know me but some may not. I am 15 and I live in the USA. Just a fair warning people may think I am annoying and I would like to apologize in advance. I look forward to playing on this server actively.:D

    1. AdventureNarwhal


      You're not annoying :P 

    2. Jazzkovsky


      Hi and welcome to Diversity! :wave:

  3. Am I able to chose a spot in the mall and once I've shown you Im active can I move in?
  4. I had a shop in the shop district then I got evicted, it was before the level change to 7+. Will I be able to get a spot because I was already there even if I am level 5. If not could I please get my stuff from the chests.
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