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  1. Okay we have three winners and all participants get their head. Congratulations to all that entered. All prizes are available in the event museum. More events coming soon with more great prizes
  2. Thank you Dwurban, we are currently reviewing your request. we will contact you if we have any questions.
  3. due to lack of activity we are going to wait on this warp request. If at a time you are able to be active we will re visit your request.
  4. Thank you too everyone that participated. The event is now closed and we will be judging. Winner announcements coming soon
  5. Thank you for your submission we will review it and let you know in a few days.
  6. So the paintball is for personal use? we are currently reviewing your build and will let you know shortly
  7. Scetch your warp has been inspected and we are currently discussing it. Are you still around to maintain the warp if accepted?
  8. We are having another exciting build competition. You are welcome to join as a team or solo. We want to see your favorite Fairy Tale or Story played out in Minecraft. This event will continue until September 6th 2019. The events server is currently running 1.14.4 so you'll need to adjust your game as needed. This will also give you a chance to show off what you can do with all the new blocks released in 1.14. please message a member of staff if you would like a plot.
  9. So 21 views and 1 reply I like the Parthenon idea. It would be awesome if we could get some more input once we decide on something we can find a location and start planning/building.
  10. I am putting this out here to see 1) who is up for it 2) what ideas we have I would like to start a community build project. Something grand like the hanging gardens? any other ideas are welcome. We as a community would discuss the build, location and design. Have different roles i.e.. building and gathering. We would also need to come up with a rule for granting permissions to prevent griefing. Lets start the ideas flowing and we will have a poll to vote on the best ideas.
  11. We have several open warps at hub so if you have a fantastic build, farm, town, or other build of interest go ahead and let use know. Make sure to follow the warp request guidelines and if you have any questions post them in your request so we can assist you.
  12. Scetch, I am sorry but I went back and checked. Around the boat launch I only found logs for you placing/breaking planks, signs, and sea lanterns. All other actions were by staff or other players opening chests. Your ban is for 3 days I understand if you didn't intentionally mean to grief and you do care about the server.
  13. congradulations BlazeCubed, We have approved your warp request. Please select a open position in the places section of /warp hub and open a ticket so we can get things set up for you.
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