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  1. Hello SquirtleBaller at this time we are going to deny access to discord. You will continue to have access to /smp and another servers but not Discord at this time.
  2. Hey WitherTheOnlyOG I have noticed you are not active lately. once active please feel free to appeal again and we will review it again at that point.
  3. Okay we have elected to unban you on smp. But due to your history on vanilla your ban will remain in place there. Please allow a little time for the adjustment to happen.
  4. okay we are discussing your responses, and your history. give us a couple days to discuss as we are not all in the same timezones. thank you
  5. sorry "my friend said" has been used before. SMP rules apply on all server (you should know this) also there were signs placed explaining the shop. Everyone has excuses, what I'd like to know is 1)how can you make sure this doesn't happen again? 2)are you remorseful? how has this ban affected you? 3)How do you plan on becoming a better team player? 4)can you own this error and turn it in your favor?
  6. could you please explain your side of the story more?
  7. we are reviewing your appeal we are sorry for the delay please be patient
  8. I have unmuted you please make sure to read up on rules.
  9. Okay we have three winners and all participants get their head. Congratulations to all that entered. All prizes are available in the event museum. More events coming soon with more great prizes
  10. Thank you Dwurban, we are currently reviewing your request. we will contact you if we have any questions.
  11. due to lack of activity we are going to wait on this warp request. If at a time you are able to be active we will re visit your request.
  12. Thank you too everyone that participated. The event is now closed and we will be judging. Winner announcements coming soon
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