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  1. Hello WHI5PY after reviewing your request and with the current infraction of the rules we have chosen to keep the ban in place. We are sorry but you have not shown your ability to follow the rules which I am sure you are aware alts are forbidden while you are banned and you couldn't even follow the rule for the format of your appeal for starters. maybe after some more time you can appeal again. have a nice day.
  2. Sorry DNS at this time we cannot approve your build as it doesn't meet the guidelines we require. While we were inspecting it mobs spawned on the platforms and there is no real direction given to users. you may redesign it and request again when the build has been adjusted to meet guidelines.
  3. application withdrawn after speaking to endee
  4. Looks really good, is it possible to make an item filter for the bottles so that part can't be broken? other than that we are discussing it
  5. No picture? would you mind explaining it a little? give us some back story or purpose. Other than that I will definitely check it out when I'm on and give some feed back.
  6. Ampharo I will check it out next time I'm on for sure. it looks really nice from the picture.
  7. Hi DNS I understand that you are frustrated and upset not being able to play. You also need to understand the frustration it is for staff when you just get back from a ban only to receive another. We would love to have you as part of our community but only you no cheats or hacks. I feel that at this time since you were not given a perm ban that you should just wait out your time. I do understand that means you will miss out on the up coming events and that sucks, but we are not the ones that tried to take a shortcut. I hope you understand and that we will see you when your ban expires. Have a
  8. Hi DNSSunflower, while your farm does look functional. Staff does have a couple security concerns first off the build is near your base and not enclosed which could lead to abuse and grieving. Second the public permissions could allow for players to grieve and abuse the farm. This could be address with subclaims if you need help with this please visit /warp claims or ask a staff member to help. let us know when these things are done and we would be happy to reinspect your farm. if you chose to not modify it you may also retract your application and apply at a later date. Thank you Staff
  9. Hello SquirtleBaller at this time we are going to deny access to discord. You will continue to have access to /smp and another servers but not Discord at this time.
  10. Hey WitherTheOnlyOG I have noticed you are not active lately. once active please feel free to appeal again and we will review it again at that point.
  11. Okay we have elected to unban you on smp. But due to your history on vanilla your ban will remain in place there. Please allow a little time for the adjustment to happen.
  12. okay we are discussing your responses, and your history. give us a couple days to discuss as we are not all in the same timezones. thank you
  13. sorry "my friend said" has been used before. SMP rules apply on all server (you should know this) also there were signs placed explaining the shop. Everyone has excuses, what I'd like to know is 1)how can you make sure this doesn't happen again? 2)are you remorseful? how has this ban affected you? 3)How do you plan on becoming a better team player? 4)can you own this error and turn it in your favor?
  14. could you please explain your side of the story more?
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