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  1. @discordapp do you love me? https://t.co/YduhdOMvFO

  2. @SmoshIan @theodd1sout I still have it on my windows xp

  3. RT @discordapp: ☃️ HALFWAY THROUGH SNOWSGIVING ☃️

    We're celebrating with a second hoodie giveaway². Like and tag a friend who follows us f…

  4. RT @UniversalORL: Vacation Call Center Ep. 1: The Grinch takes over the Universal Orlando Call Center.

    #HolidayLikeThis https://t.co/AiWR…

  5. @JackMasseyWelsh you look very tired. Go take a nap. https://t.co/nHLQEiNQiV

  6. @SaintsofGames I did not spam you so am i in your good book?

  7. @SaintsofGames https://t.co/H4mvatJG2x

  8. @TeamYouTube Oh alrighty thank you. I only have around 100 subs so i am glad to know. Thank you

  9. @hannahisyounng I'd call 911

  10. @TeamYouTube I am not able to do story's on my phone. Everything seems to be updated but why can't I do it? https://t.co/NGe5H9Mabx

  11. @itsamike Oh darn... you're the best version to be Eggman!

  12. RT @itsalexclark: One of my best buddies from childhood has a cat - and the cat needs help. Do you like cats? It would be a Christmas mir…

  13. @itsamike are you going to be Eggman in this movie?? https://t.co/jqT24vas0N

  14. RT @voiidmarvel: WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY SKSKJSJ https://t.co/M5hjXWuVdq

  15. RT @LixesPrototype: 😔 https://t.co/BblWXxb0xn

  16. RT @discordapp: Like and retweet for a chance to win one of five of these Free the Wumpus long sleeve shirts. No Wumpus were harmed in the…

  17. @_RebeccaParham I been on YouTube for around 2 years and I am still new to it. I look up to people like you and I h… https://t.co/92FdWy1u3Y

  18. RT @_RebeccaParham: Future YouTubers. I hope your channel is based around something you truly love to do. There will be hard times, and som…

  19. @discordapp https://t.co/wYVuOt2ntw

  20. @Heard_Nico @Vernias_T Eh but you need a pokeball to get him if I recall :P

  21. @ScottFalco One thing I really dislike is that I don't even own the game and or the consol... I feel sad

  22. RT @discordapp: The shirt that started it all. Like and retweet for a chance to win literally the most classic Discord merch design ever ma…

  23. @discordapp @BlueMicrophones https://t.co/bSJjGiCbJK

  24. RT @discordapp: The amazing people at @BlueMicrophones gave us four of these to give away! Reply with https://t.co/6S09YincO1


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