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  1. @GlitterXplosion @MisterSheeple

  2. RT @discordapp: https://t.co/mBnMJhcrhj

  3. @AnimatesPixela Me lol. No I'd say maybe @markiplier

  4. @DannTheManTV You dont have to share but what religion are you in? I'm a member of the church of jesus christ of la… https://t.co/dCEYVJfMsp

  5. Tip 26 for getting started with a YouTube Channel : Add links to your social media accounts so you can interact wit… https://t.co/z9Evp6qxYC

  6. @Dr_BrickGaming In my opinion yes, because it has games like Mario 3D world and Mario Maker that is ONLY on the Wii… https://t.co/fRCS2Pi826

  7. @Dr_BrickGaming I feel the same way. But my other problem is that I dont have the right tools to do so.

  8. @Ematerasu_ That a lot of pink but I like it!

  9. RT @aDrive_tK: Your ticket to the Eterna Region arrives very soon. https://t.co/gmybycuscw

  10. @JohnKenza Hey can I use your song Nebula for my new end card thats almost 20 secs? https://t.co/70Mxclz4Qk

  11. @ninsoup Sometimes I don't enjoy watching the videos I make, but it wont stop me making more!

  12. @FootofaFerret I say bottom middle, I like that one more. My 2nd choice would be top right.

  13. Tip 38 for getting started with a YouTube Channel : Advertise as much as you can! #YouTubeTips

  14. @ElmCool129_ @JackMasseyWelsh I saw that too lol

  15. @FootofaFerret Spider-Man is awesome
    I like Spiderman 3, I have 2 but its scratched, I have not seen 1 in a LONG ti… https://t.co/YIp416fSZT

  16. @ninsoup If I had a switch I would do it but sadly I can't afford a switch... good luck to everyone who is trying to win!

  17. @discordapp @HyperX My favorite shampoo is... I can't remember... but I could tell you tomorrow when I get in the shower! :D

  18. RT @discordapp: Friends @HyperX gave us this unreleased Discord certified mic for PAX.

    Like and reply with your favorite shampoo for a cha…

  19. @YouTube I saw this before anyone showed me!

  20. @DannTheManTV Oh my. https://t.co/MKsK9ar1QG

  21. Tip 46 for getting started with a YouTube Channel : A schedule is nice to have but upload when ever you can!… https://t.co/z8NcPVfyPg

  22. @Cybrid101 I am 17 but my first sonic game was Sonic 2!

  23. RT @2xfly: how them inflatables be

  24. RT @realhartman: Who wins? https://t.co/Xcnzzotfma

  25. @The0riginalAce @JackMasseyWelsh, you should like wish him happy birthday! https://t.co/J0ru1NZcAE


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