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  1. So not much has happened... I made statues in the April 2019 build battle... Didn't get top 10 but congrats to those who did. 

    Just wondering, who uses this form on a daily bases?

  2. Lol I forgot that my twitter is synced here lol

  3. Yooooooo @SomethingelseYT GG on Trending my man!
    I like your little @pewdiepie secret lol!
    And 1:43 and on is my f… https://t.co/tnHDffjPx2

  4. Yes! https://t.co/rEXZeMSGVQ

  5. @_RebeccaParham I pet a wild baby opossum before! https://t.co/gnH8oLu573

  6. yup https://t.co/i0XG7KmbSE

  7. @Mickchickenn I dont eat much candy so I think im good there but I might have a hard time dropping Coca-Cola!

  8. @JackMasseyWelsh You could always do a collaboration with me on Minecraft!

  9. @Mickchickenn Yo I'm 17 and I'm 280, im currently working once a week with my brother at the gym but what is a good… https://t.co/kL6mSGIycf

  10. @chrisramzie
    Name: Round... Ball?
    This ball looks like it can open with a push of a button...
    but it seems stuck?… https://t.co/wb63rFG9Aj

  11. @chrisramzie
    Name: Round... Ball?
    This ball looks like it can open with a push of a button...
    but it seems stuck?… https://t.co/zZuu23PfM6

  12. @DannTheManTV No

  13. @Skeppy are you trying to call me? Because I got a call from Chicago, IL. https://t.co/UM66eVEX2A

  14. When you find out that YouTubers you watch (cough, @DGR_Dave, @NathanielBandy1, @Failboat103, and @SwitchStop cough… https://t.co/kWSZGHoCWU

  15. @The0riginalAce Unsubbing

  16. @Dr_BrickGaming https://t.co/qiqn1ljnWa

  17. @ExplodingTNT When are you going to follow me?

  18. OMG @JackMasseyWelsh you copied me! I did the whole 2 of myself first 2 years ago!
    Jacks vid:… https://t.co/Aw2A0tEkRv

  19. Hey @markiplier can I have a Hi-5? 🖐

  20. @Dr_BrickGaming https://t.co/UrbcN1k5PT

  21. @chrisramzie Oh I am trying my best on something! Just kinda been busy. https://t.co/FdKyomtBSL

  22. @nbh1883 I would get rid of Zelda and Link and yeah.

  23. All these people getting a YouTube Play Button and I'm wondering "When will I get one?" 🤔

  24. Na your a puppet so you cant close those button eyes of yours. 😉 https://t.co/JnrDQbRCop

  25. @DannTheManTV I never played it sooooooooooo

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