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  1. Hello, I am the player that goes by the tag DrShahed, I started playing on the server in November of 2015 but haven't done an ama... so here I go. I am not an avid gamer as I tend not to have as much time as I used to... but I play Dota2 along with MC as well.
  2. I am trying to build a town center as a part of my future town[name not decided]. I know the scale of the project I have in mind is not easy to do by myself. The area of the town center [using this term carelessly] is around 180x180, the area is a little hilly and has several unlit caves around. The assistance is required in the form of manual labour [flattening out an area] or materials for the corners: [apologies for my professional screenshots] Note: This is not the final step of the build only the beginning... might be a foolish dream but a dream nonetheless. Edit: The progress has been awesome! Thanks to; Loubeedoo YamesonToast bspringer Flavoxt Still a long ways to go.
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