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  1. You like to state your opinion as absolute fact and be disrespectful when someone disagrees. This way of doing things has led to multiple fights/arguments involving you in which you even directed your swearing towards others which is against the rules. I've told you to respect others a few times this week and even recommend that you use the /ignore command if needed. A few days later you once again crossed the line and I informed you that if you did it again that you would be banned. sorry to hear that you hate some of the players on the server... Have a nice day
  2. 412

    Thunders net

    My poor iron supply
  3. 412


    Why didn't anyone inform me my picture was being taken? I wasn't even smiling.... at least you got my good side
  4. 412

    3 Day Ban

    You know when I said it because you responded to it... You even asked who I was talking to in which I replied I'm sick of ALL of you being disrespectful.
  5. 412

    3 Day Ban

    I think it's ridiculous that you insisted on being disrespectful after I told public chat I had seen enough. You attempted to tell me what you were doing was ok because you guys are friends... News flash it's not ok and I won't stand for it. I told you twice I don't give a fuck if you know each other IRL keep it out of chat. it's not our job to keep track of who knows who IRL and it sends the wrong messag to everyone looking at chat. I made it clear if anyone was seen by me being disrespectful a ban was incoming. Maybe next time find a venue outside of MC for your banter and this can be avoided. ps. I didn't ban you because I was told to that's not how it works...
  6. unbanned feel free to join at anytime
  7. I banned you because of your actions after you took too much lapis from the enderman farm. The main issue was when I teleported you (multiple times)to return the lapis you ignored me and attempted to go back to whatever it was you were doing. I then jailed you and asked if you still wanted to play games you then preceded to dance around so I banned you. No hard feelings but I wasn't going to let you waste my time. I have no problem lifting your ban as long as you follow the rules and and don't play games when confronted by staff.
  8. Congratz.... 1.11 HYPE sorry in advance Turbo ?
  9. we have decided to give you a second chance but please understand if there is another incident like this you will be perma banned no questions asked...
  10. My question to you is if you really wanted to experience all the sever has to offer/be part of our awesome community why join and start spewing racist garbage? Isn't there enough hate in this world as is? Just because you're on the internet and have some anonymity doesn't make it any more acceptable. I am personally offended by the word you used more than likely in hopes of getting a laugh. The server is called DIVERSITY for a reason we accept all races,genders,sexual orientations,political and religious beliefs. Any and everyone should be able to join the server and never feel discriminated against in anyway. I will think about unbanning you but as of right now it's a no. Have a good day.
  11. No one likes a troll... Cya in a few days
  12. I must confess I was in TwoDog's hole...
  13. I'm the one you ignored when I attempted to speak with you about a minor incident. The logs don't lie you destroyed someone's minecart track in the nether and you choose to ignore me instead of face the problem head on. I had no intention on banning you I was merely attempting to educate you about how we don't tolerate these kinds of actions. Learn from this incident and don't let it happen again when your ban expires
  14. We have no obligation to talk to YOU about why another player was muted we informed you of this and you didn't like the answer... Oh well
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