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  1. As long as it is more than one cookie, 100%, yes I would! (I prefer shortbread). Being old sucks, but at least I kinda know what I am doing (what a lie, lmao). I've mostly been to Europe but I've heard great things about New Zealand. If we are talking, based on my experience, check out Portugal, easily one of the most beautiful countries in the EU. Will do!
  2. Hola folks! I did a fair few introduction/AMA posts, but I reckon it may be time for another one, since many of you either don't know me at all or have barely seen me back in the day. To start this off, you can check out my previous AMA. There's also my Introduction from many years ago, so forgive me for the contents. Obligatory 'copy n paste' from that Intro. "I have been avoiding this thread for several weeks or even months just because I do not know what to write, lmao. Like Cherry once said "I'd probably write something dopey like aye, iz cheri I like animus and vodka yayaya". So get fucking rdy, k?" Anyhow, as I said, I suppose a little update is overdue: As you probably could have guessed, I am no longer 16. In fact am soon to be 21 and I do not want to think that time is flying at this rate, so I will end this sentence here. No longer am I spending my days in Denmark, I have now moved on to live in the big city of London. It is a wonderful place to be and I can't recommend it enough, at least for a trip. As for the 'must see' places, I definitely suggest a trip to Canary Wharf, Greenwich and Greenwich University grounds in particular, as well as all of your central London touristy spots. I still have no clue about redstone. I would like to think that I got a little better at building. With all of that said I actively follow a fair few Minecraft Youtubers, ranging from technical guys, such as ilmango, to more relaxed fun gameplay like many of the Hermitcraft participants. I like Etho, Doc and Beef in particular. I also enjoy following Xisuma and a few others occasionally. I really miss a lot of the old players that eventually stopped playing on the server and I really hope to see them come back one day. I have met players from all over the world, that became my friends thanks to Diversity and that's what I really appreciate about this server. I suppose, I owe a a big thank you to Zoredache and Turbotailz for making this possible. It has been a blast and I hope I will make more friends in the coming years. Other games: I still play Counter Strike, I have been playing that game since I was barely 10 years old, so pretty much half of my life invested. It is an obscene amount of hours but I still love it. My computer is much more powerful, than it was back in the day and I can pretty much play any game I want. Funnily enough I still play only two games, despite having a big Steam library. Lately, I have been exploring other stuff, such as Assasins Creed on PS4, or Wolfenstein. I follow a lot of walkthrough Youtubers, so I somehow prefer to watch them complete a game, rather than playing myself. I guess it is a habit from back in the day. I've now abandoned most sports in favour of gym, nothing crazy but I stay consistent in order to stay fit - simple. When I have the opportunity I like to play tennis and/or table tennis. As for life outside of games, I work within the Football industry. Mostly freelance media activity. More often than not I do stuff for UEFA, which allows me to travel around Europe free of charge and I love it. Football has really been an integral part of my life as far as I can remember and I hope to grow as a professional in this field, wherever the journey takes me. There's plenty more to talk about and I could go on forever, but this will turn into a fucking essay if I keep going Feel free to ask questions, laugh at my old intro, post your stories with me or do whatever you would like to do, down in the comment section. Much love, say hi next time you're online -Kilk
  3. Eradicate the fuckers, once and for all, please!
  4. Well done on the parkour section. Challenging but certainly possible and a lot of fun! -Kilk
  5. Hola! I reckon this one I can contribute to. First of all, glad you're reworking kits, 100% needed. Not exactly agreeing with the kits being overpowered, rather they reward playtime, not many players get past level 10 in my experience and where you might see it as becoming overpowered is around 10-13+. Here's why they are not overpowered: If a player reaches levels like that, he surely already has access to all these items, naturally acquired and laying in storage. As for some of the rare items: 1)They are there to assist with acquiring them in situation of the ever-growing server and amount of players hunting for said, (potentially scarce) resources. 2)Additionally, there's obviously a cooldown on most kits (up to 30 days on some). 3) A lot of people at these levels forget to redeem kits completely (at least in my experience). So, back to the point: It's great, please do rework kits, however imo the focus should be on adding new items, released after multiple new updates. In other words, adapting the kits to current gameplay. Ultimately, the cooldown for every kits can always be adjusted. Perhaps a survey is due, for players to respond which items are least wanted/used in every kits and what items they'd rather see in said kit. Best of luck! -Kilk UPD: One more thing, I think to get some active responses, or rather specific ones, you should construct the new potential kits with the ideas provided in this thread and then let players vote. I like mike's response, maybe do limit kits, make 1-10 a repeatable affair, those might contain said scarce items, in limited quantities, and then 11-20 a one-time redeemable thing. Or maybe 1-3 (essential items), and work from there.
  6. I like it, 2.0 looks good, thanks for the update.
  7. And here I am, still waiting for my pet squid :C
  8. Thank you very much! About time to say "Called it!"
  9. KIlkAAAA

    TwoDog's Birthday!

    Wooo, tis tomorrow or already now, confuuuuuuuuused. Happy Birthday Dawg! Haven't seen you in a while but I am sure you're doing good Best Wishes to you! Your loyal spud, -Kilka
  10. I'd actually like to resurrect this one, here's how my desktop looks atm: I hope I get to see some new sexy desktop screenshots!
  11. KIlkAAAA

    Server Down?

    To avoid creation of new threads I shall post here. The server is down atm. Screenshot of the error:
  12. When chat is bored.


    1. Impling


      It's a wonder why i ignore chat most of the time? yes? no.

    2. Nirv
    3. Dan203


      I love this

  13. Hello Abi! Saw you on the server, I like your name! Anything to do with "Beetlejuice"? Also what do you like to do outside of the game? (IRL hobbies).
  14. That's actually a solid piece of advice right there, folks. Always remember you're nowhere near safety when it comes to the internets. In this case though, Knight is in fact a known staff member, yet I shall repeat, no one is safe. BOO!
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