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  1. And here I am, still waiting for my pet squid :C
  2. Thank you very much! About time to say "Called it!"
  3. Wooo, tis tomorrow or already now, confuuuuuuuuused. Happy Birthday Dawg! Haven't seen you in a while but I am sure you're doing good Best Wishes to you! Your loyal spud, -Kilka
  4. I'd actually like to resurrect this one, here's how my desktop looks atm: I hope I get to see some new sexy desktop screenshots!
  5. To avoid creation of new threads I shall post here. The server is down atm. Screenshot of the error:
  6. When chat is bored.


    1. Impling


      It's a wonder why i ignore chat most of the time? yes? no.

    2. Nirv



    3. DANime203


      I love this

  7. Hello Abi! Saw you on the server, I like your name! Anything to do with "Beetlejuice"? Also what do you like to do outside of the game? (IRL hobbies).
  8. That's actually a solid piece of advice right there, folks. Always remember you're nowhere near safety when it comes to the internets. In this case though, Knight is in fact a known staff member, yet I shall repeat, no one is safe. BOO!

    Back to being a staff member. I will be rejoining the staff ranks as an Admin.

    So happy RN!

    Check out the official announcement:

    1. Ash


      you actually got it me

    2. DANime203


      what a weird day

  10. Bitch please Inb4 ban edit
  11. In terms of variety I enjoy the latest versions but for the server, everything below 1.9, simply because there were a lot more players and a lot less lag (not complaining at all, just liked it more that way).
  12. AHA! CSGO. Finally found someone playing it apart from me, myself and I. Sadly you're from US and I am from EU so ping would kill me if we'd play together. However ping does not prevent me from asking what's your rank? With 1,3k hrs played I'd guess you're somewhere around LE/LEM? Edit: Any interest in competitive CS? If yes, then what's your fav team? Player? etc.
  14. Haha, been waiting for this day along with @LoneWolf. First of all, big congrats to @Bucky. Already said everything to you and once again I wish you the best of luck, well deserved. 11 new helpers... That's like a LOT. I am happy for all of you people, special wink to @SteelyEyed @Loubee1000 and @Vryx. Good luck guys, remember you have each other as well as more experienced mods to help you As always, thanks for the hard work staff team. You guys do good! ^^
  15. Aight, I guess we doing this. I mostly like to use IG filters to make black and white selfies so here's one: