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  1. I downloaded a .midi version of the song (https://freemidi.org/download-8109-american-idiot-green-day), made it compatible with Minecraft (the tempo was too fast), converted it to .nbs and then uploaded it to Mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn6luwg8aeyvukw/American+Idiot.nbs
  2. If you mean .midi file, I have found one ---> https://freemidi.org/download-8109-american-idiot-green-day
  3. Hey! I was wondering if Invertory tweaks is an allowed mod for the SMP server...
  4. I don't think it will offend any US players since the band members are Americans themselves and the song was a hit back then on the US. The song is talking about President Bush and The Vietnam War, but I don't think that matters, since there will be NO lyrics on the Minecraft version of the song.
  5. Did you build that all by yourself?
  6. Soooo, I thought that it would be a nice adittion to the SERVER hub (/server hub) , since it has a really catching nad appealing mellody. They song I suggest is American Idiot By Green Day I apologise for any spelling mistakes.
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