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  1. I downloaded a .midi version of the song (https://freemidi.org/download-8109-american-idiot-green-day), made it compatible with Minecraft (the tempo was too fast), converted it to .nbs and then uploaded it to Mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mn6luwg8aeyvukw/American+Idiot.nbs
  2. If you mean .midi file, I have found one ---> https://freemidi.org/download-8109-american-idiot-green-day
  3. Hey! I was wondering if Invertory tweaks is an allowed mod for the SMP server...
  4. I don't think it will offend any US players since the band members are Americans themselves and the song was a hit back then on the US. The song is talking about President Bush and The Vietnam War, but I don't think that matters, since there will be NO lyrics on the Minecraft version of the song.
  5. This is amazing. Great Job!
  6. Did you build that all by yourself?
  7. Soooo, I thought that it would be a nice adittion to the SERVER hub (/server hub) , since it has a really catching nad appealing mellody. They song I suggest is American Idiot By Green Day I apologise for any spelling mistakes.
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