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  1. Ace

    Town Scandal EXPOSED!

    No time at alllll! And I am totally not trying to get this to 5 pages long.
  2. Ace

    Town Scandal EXPOSED!

    NEVER! SCANDALS NEVER DIE! You can't stop meeeeeee!
  3. Ace

    Town Scandal EXPOSED!

    There is always a town. And I will always know before anyone else.
  4. Ace

    Thread of Puns

    Now this is what I call a great thread.
  5. Ace

    Machine of Death

    Apparently by a missile..
  6. Ace

    I got us some moar smileys

  7. Ace


    This post is so pure, I adore this. It's too cute.
  8. Ace

    What 3 words describe Diversity the best?

    Best.Decision.Ever. or Worst.Decision.Ever.
  9. Ace

    CrunchyPlays' false ban.

    Trolling and having song lyrics in a ban appeal won't get you anywhere.
  10. Ace

    CrunchyPlays' false ban.

    Hello CrunchyPlays, I banned you for x-ray after watching you mine straight to ores multiple times. You went in straight lines and then would suddenly turn and head straight for the ores. It was very clear from both me and TwoDog's perspective. Your ban wasn't unfair , it was justified. You and Kazani had been causing trouble on the server and mined alone. You also admitted to have seen the bait and done the trolling in chat. You will not be unbanned, you can wait it out.
  11. Ace

    Minigames Are Back

    *cries for all eternity*
  12. Ace

    Minigames Are Back

    I ain't no helper!
  13. Ace

    Based__'s Introduction

    *waves* Hi!
  14. Ace

    Favorite Artist/Band?

    You got a nice little choice there
  15. Ace

    Banned For "Stealing"

    Well from what I got from Ice it seemed nothing was fixed or sorted out. They seemed rather confused and worried on how their diamonds were stolen and the logs pointed to you. You got punished for stealing, whether or not it appeared fixed to you it was not to them and that is why you were punished.

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