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  1. 'Retard when used as a noun is a pejorative word used to refer to people with mental disabilities. The word has gained notoriety for causing a growing number of mentally disabled people to feel unfairly stereotyped' Considering the server name and rules, do you still think that its an ok word in any context?
  2. We will look into your ban history as soon as possible, please be patient while staff do this and we will notify if and when a decision is made. Thanks
  3. My bad, i mistakenly described the hacks you used and thus the original rule you had broken. Corrected ^ the rest still stands
  4. Also during the time of your original 3d ban for fly hacks you used 2 different alts in order to rejoin the server. mtlx12 & Jimboozle http://diversitymc.net/rules Please read rule number 11, and before you try to say the alts belong to a family member/friend or other who shares your ip address, look to rule number 9. This in itself is enough for a permanent ban.
  5. Firstly Secondly it is a 3day ban delete any mods you have been using that are not permitted before you return. Yes you are human and yes people make mistakes but also rules are there for a reason, you may think you weren't directly affecting others but considering you can fly around mining stuff, it gives you an advantage over others. Think about that for the next few days.
  6. For future reference please use this format when posting an appeal, however hopefully you wont need it. Dealt with and unbanned in game.
  7. Also please remember when you do appeal again in 6months time to use the correct format. Thanks
  8. It maybe better to build this farm in a flower forest biome, perhaps, ideally with access to a skeleton spawner beneath somewhere for easy bonemeal refills and as Narwhal said a cactus and cocoa farm would also be beneficial. Maybe hard to find a location appropriate with all ideal requirements but it would definitely be more warp worthy.
  9. I will die from 'Love' sounds about right
  10. Thank you all you are lovely.
  11. Please show patience while staff members review all the details of your ban and your history on the server before informing you of any decisions that are made, it can take time due to other duties on the server and our own lives. (Messaging members of staff and asking about the appeal will not help when the decision is made) Thank you.
  12. I still say you only escaped because the witch knocked you off the tower
  13. Lol i think he meant congrats for the newspaper....Congrats Steely for being awesome
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