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  1. Please show patience while staff members review all the details of your ban and your history on the server before informing you of any decisions that are made, it can take time due to other duties on the server and our own lives. (Messaging members of staff and asking about the appeal will not help when the decision is made) Thank you.
  2. I still say you only escaped because the witch knocked you off the tower
  3. Lol i think he meant congrats for the newspaper....Congrats Steely for being awesome
  4. Lmao, was really funny. Sorry for the multiple deaths
  5. Cough Cough
  6. Oh not modern, definitely not. Venice isn't modern, its all about the rustic charm and great architecture. A look that's aged would be perfect but not medieval...maybe white clay as it looks quite aged, as a reference....not for all obviously and only use white on the churchy type buildings and features? Dunno maybe i'm wrong but i cant imagine it other ways lol
  7. Like the crypt ideas, I'm a big fan of secret passages and, .... well tbh probably watched Indiana Jones too much......
  8. Congratulations Bucky x Love the Gifs x
  9. Something Like this would be pretty cool, The Church of Santa Maria della Pietà is one of Venice's most famous music venues. Potentially minecraftable... Other things that instantly say 'Venice' to me would be the colours of the buildings along the canals, arched windows and of course the gondolas. Oh and agree with the sexy bridges!!
  10. Ooooh i'm useless at remembering birthdays...so Happy birthday in advance Luci and Tuff, hope you get well and truly spoilled <3 xxx
  11. Wow Steely, this is amazing!! I use the same iron farm but my god it's nowhere near as nice as this (or as complete) Mind blown! It all looks fantastic! xx
  12. Aw Ace you are undoubtedly one of the best people i have met on the server. Basically, you rock girly xxx loves and hugs xxxx (p.s. I'm a gryfindor fan, but i wont hold that against you)
  13. Ah right i didn't realise, it isn't a major problem as there are other ways to get diamonds, redstone etc, just something i'd noticed. And i suppose the bright side is it keeps smp from getting too easy
  14. The only thing i have to add on is ores could be larger? as in regular ores, now as more people have joined the resources are less available by tuesday