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    Creeper Farm

    You can only AFK for 30 mins, I doubt it will be full. Even if it happens, there could be a hopper below you that leads to the chest so extras get stored.
  2. ParpiaJr

    Creeper Farm

    I was gonna mention yesterdays incident with @KidTheGr8 (muttthebutt) ;D
  3. ParpiaJr

    Creeper Farm

    As we all know that our favorite server has been updated to 1.11.2 (Hooray!!!). It has come to many peoples attention that the new rocket feature in 1.11 using fireworks and elytras are overpowered and everyone is attempting to craft them and use them. A key component of fireworks is gunpowder; the creeper farm we have is amazing, however it needs a few modifications. I believe that the items collected should be sent to a dispenser instead of a chest (like the iron farm) in order for no gunpowder to be stolen. This is because many people afk for long however when they return, all the gunpowder is missing/stolen. If the gunpowder is sent to a dispenser and automatically dispensed to the player when collected, this problem will not occur (same design as Iron/Gold farm. Hope you guys agree with me and this change is made for everyone's convenience.
  4. Pan gives everyone gold and bombs for christmas (what a legend) ;D!
  5. Panther could also be an ANT (pANTher)
  6. Me & my friends refer to @Panther and @KidTheGr8 as the goons! Dunno why but we do. ;D
  7. I voted for [deleted]'s logo! (Voted ;D)
  8. I was wondering if we could increase the amount of events that are held. For example, if there can be a specific event for Christmas that would allow everyone to be together and enjoy playing small mini-games to make it fun for the whole community. It may be difficult to host such an event and if not possible it is okay. Just a suggestion I thought I would put out there.
  9. Take any armor you want from our base! We will forever remain allies. ;D Enter me (Please)
  10. Here is my submission; I hope I have done it right, and I hope y'all like it!
  11. I put 10 diamond blocks in the casino and won double then....... I put 64 diamond blocks in a casino for a double or nothing, and guess what? I lost! That is when I learned a lesson.
  12. Would you rather: 1. Play Minecraft and never exit the house again. or 2. Never play Minecraft and be able to exit the house everyday. ?????????????????????
  13. Lots of more progress. Still require a lot of sandstone; willing to donate, please contact me.
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