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  1. KidTheGr8

    How are we not seeing player's IGN?

    dan dont think they put there igns when they were joining or they removed them after or last option was they dont have minecraft
  2. KidTheGr8

    Phone Poll V2 (Better edition)

    lol 1st time i have seen that phone
  3. KidTheGr8

    Phone Poll V2 (Better edition)

    we made a deal with our dad that if we wait the age till 13 we get the latest phone of our choice
  4. KidTheGr8

    Phone Poll V2 (Better edition)

    Its his 1st phone let him enjoy it
  5. KidTheGr8

    Phone Poll V2 (Better edition)

    my brother aka @Panther just got an iphone 7 plus
  6. KidTheGr8

    I am suitably irritated :(

    im confused ?
  7. KidTheGr8

    Merry Christmas my peeps :D

    He is Banther @ParpiaJr
  8. KidTheGr8

    Favorite Block in Minecraft?

    And building block RED stone lamps in my texture pack it looks cool
  9. KidTheGr8

    Favorite things about Christmas?

    probably the updates there was so many different updates on the different servers
  10. KidTheGr8

    I couldn't think of a SFW title for this

    .......... what even is this
  11. KidTheGr8

    Favorite Sport?

    Mut your confusing Alk with #2place4dan
  12. KidTheGr8

    Favorite Sport?

    I play all these sports but i guess taekwondooo isnt a sport so yah but i am a black belt so gg

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