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  1. Impling

    You Tease

    Rise from the dead my abomination of tease. Rise, RISE, RISE!!!! Bohemian Rhapsody BLACKkKLANSMAN
  2. Impling

    More Players

    You mean something like this? http://minecraftservers.org/server/151352
  3. Impling

    New Textures

    Gotta say i love the new textures! Hope they keep it this way.
  4. Impling

    Forge and OptiFine

  5. Impling


  6. Impling


  7. Impling

    Diversity bans

  8. Tell me this isn't one of the most amazing ads you have ever seen. Don't get me wrong i hate Doritos and Mountain Dew gives me heart burn, but this ad. THIS FUCKING AD!!!!


  9. Impling

    A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    That after credit scene scene thou....... Really?
  10. Impling

    Helper Applications are no longer open

    Kinda sounds like you answered your own question. You are busy with school. And Minecraft is a game. Do school.
  11. Impling

    AFK Fish Farm

    Because it's about Afk Fish Farms. That wasn't clear?
  12. Impling

    AFK Fish Farm

    Necro-post It's about afk farms.......
  13. Impling

    Golf Course Warp Request

    What amount of upkeep is required for your warp? I really think even if you aren't around that this still deserves to be a warp!