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  1. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    That after credit scene scene thou....... Really?
  2. Helper Applications are no longer open

    Kinda sounds like you answered your own question. You are busy with school. And Minecraft is a game. Do school.
  3. AFK Fish Farm

    Because it's about Afk Fish Farms. That wasn't clear?
  4. AFK Fish Farm

    Necro-post It's about afk farms.......
  5. Golf Course Warp Request

    What amount of upkeep is required for your warp? I really think even if you aren't around that this still deserves to be a warp!
  6. Is there a limit for farm use?

    I've never found that there is a limit. unless someone else needs the farm. Then if you have been using it for sometime. Allow them to have a chance to use. it. I know there is a few farms that say don't afk there, and in those cases please follow the rules posted. They are there for a reason. Sometime it might result in breaking the farm. Then no one can use it. As for the end farm, there is a reason they the new design has 4 bays. so that more then one person can use it a time. But it does slow down the farm when they are all in use. I would suggest if you have alot of enchanting to do, log on later at night when there are fewer players on. That way you don't get slower drop rates in the enderman hopper. And you're not blocking anyone one else from using it.
  7. End Bridge

    Not a horrible idea. And asked for politely with genuine niceness in the tone of the message. Nice post. I'm in favor of this idea.
  8. Golf Course Warp Request

    I wouldn't consider this a bump. To me it shows that you are continuing to work on your project. That you aren't just "Finished and Forget". You taking feedback and making modifications to make it more accessible and a better all around experience. This whole thread/warp request should be the shining golden example of what warp requests should be. Make the request and continue with the project. Make it better. Prove that you are willing to listen to what others are saying. I think the only thing maybe this thread needs is some recommendations from some of the people who have played the course. Maybe ask some of the people who you have had test it for you give small, non embellished testimonials of what the course is like. What they liked, maybe what they didn't like. While i don't have a vote in the matter i can say if i did, i would be highly pushing for you to get the warp. I think you deserve it. This looks like a neat project.
  9. Forum Update

    Turbo bein' sneaky
  10. Forum Update

    Ack! Hate that phrase. *Dramatic Music*
  11. Supporter Perk Suggestions

    I was going to suggest this but never got around to it. And as this server seems to be super obsessed with player heads. I don't know how you would make it Supporter only but it's a nifty mod. And works on Vanilla+.

    I get that. And i even got a message from Whatevahhh along those same lines. But i'll tell you what i told her. I genuinely enjoyed it. I laughed at alot of it(in a good way), and i read it again. If they can keep it up, i'll keep reading it. Something i have always been a big fan of is community. And anything that Mods/Helpers/Players can do to make the community better while also having a little fun(and maybe a little fun at themselves) is great by my standards. I look forward to the next one, and might even have a few suggestions to add in the future. I know i can be snarky but if someone make something cool i'll give it a shot.

    Amazingly well put together. Fun to read. Keep it up ppl. I thoroughly enjoyed it.