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  1. Ry0

    Helper Applications are no longer open

    Aw too late! I just saw the announcement today. I've been gone for a while! Good luck to those that applied!
  2. Apparently 1.12. Is an outdated client today. Not diversity's fault. Wonder whatsa matter?

    1. Turbotailz


      1.12.1 was released.

    2. Ry0


      Got it fam. Thank you!


  3. Ry0

    Diversity SMP Timeline

    10/3/16- DiversitySMP Awakens O_o #CuzDerp
  4. Ry0

    Show off your builds! :)

    YASSS YASSS! Awesome! I tried making a cloud town with sandstone and red-sandstone on a cloud, but the server got discontinued. The orange and sandstone go so well together! Keep up the good work!
  5. Post a picture that would describe happiness on DiversitySMP. Mine is kind of generic haha:
  6. Ry0

    Made a new logo for Diversity!

    ._. (lol) VERY NICE WORK!
  7. Ry0

    “Ooooh”Town Helpers

    Sorry im not on the forums much! Your town is looking good and fun!
  8. Love the new ender farm! Hopefully we could have 2 different warps at some point! I enjoyed the old enderfarm just as much and I don't recall having issues with sharing on. I guess im just one weirdo that enjoyed the old things a little more. The new one kinda gives me anxiety. Like Im feeling rushed even though the place is a ghost and town. Like im being governed. Lol. DiversitySMP: Makes makes me happy! <3

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