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  1. Hi guys! I am pretty sure a lot of you are having a blast on the 1.14 Vanilla server! While the server is only on Easy difficulty, we are still not experiencing all the features of 1.14 compared to the HARD difficulty. Such as: 100% Chance for Villager becoming a Zillager when killed by Zombie. Hostile mobs spawn and deal greater damage than on Normal difficulty. The hunger bar can deplete and the player will starve to death if it drains completely. Zombie can break through wooden doors and can spawn reinforcements when attacked. Spiders can spawn with a beneficial positive status effect (speed, strength, regeneration & invisibility) and these effects have an infinite duration.‌ Cave Spiders now Poison. It would be great to have some more danger and more of a challenge. -The Zillager curing would benefit players due to massive discounts they may receive from villagers they have cured. -Ravagers hit hard? What about on hard difficulty? It be a great way to adapt and adjust to them before they come to SMP -Zombie-Sieges return in the 1.14.3 update! Wouldn't that be fun to fight against a Zombie apocalypse occasionally? Think of the zillager turn-out? Some sweet deals Cast your votes! Give any positive or negative feedback if you feel like! Thank you! Good luck and have fun!
  2. TOP 10 BUILDERS FOR APRIL 2019! Build Contest This event was a blast to have! Many MANY great builds all around. Thank to everyone that participated. You are incredible. We look forward to seeing you again! MAY 10th is the PARKOUR EVENT :D!! After that... just TEAM BUILD BATTLE NEXT! Anticipated at the end of MAY! No Big Deal. You can claim your player_skull and prizes (if you placed) at the EVENT_MUSEUM on SMP. (/warp Hub > Places > Event_Museum. You can ask a Helper or Moderator for assistance. 1. jupiterrrrr 2. ByteIsGay 3. DDDY 4.JoFace321 5. Darkolythe 6.Blank__ 7.AdventureNarwhal 8. Sxxtt_ 9. Lburdick43 10. xia_xoa
  3. It will be judged by me and other staff. We look for a variety of things. Cosmetically Pleasing, mechanically adept. Creative. Color-usage/palette and unique ideas!
  4. TURBO you’re a genius! I second, third, fourth or fifth this all the way! The faster clearing in the regular would be a godsend! I would love to start help testing right away! As a regular player who teraforms/ flattens mass amounts of land I could be of help. as for dirt, stone, gravel. High numbers are great, but more control with lower numbers like 7-21 blocks. As for ores world: I’d rather mine in The regular SMP World. Easier to find unexplored caverns that way.
  5. If you can get decorative-heads legitimately through creative-mode; then go for it! But from what I know: Most-likely not at this time. That requires a little more time and planning.
  6. No world edit. Beacons should be okay! Animals should be okay,
  7. There will be no world edit. Maybe in Builder Contest Pro.
  8. I like this idea, because: I feel like the economy is struggling and this might push help remedy that. More incentive to play. Mining wont be as dreadful for some Its not OP. Saves precious time. I feel like Ores getting nerfed favors those who already have stacks and stacks of Diamond Blocks. (The rich easily get richer). This can help players catch up to eachother.
  9. I want the toaster too!, but Im not participating this time! I want a smooth experience.
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