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  1. 1. Because it is an eternal waaaar 2. Idk, don’t really remember any 3. Minecraft (egg wars) 4. Yeees
  2. at least keep shucker boxes and e chests
  3. NOOOOO, my precious itemmzzzz ;(
  4. Dan I got yo’ haaaat ;D
  5. I like how it is right now, because, I barely get time to log on, and even less time to mine, so i just pop on, n grind for as many did as i can
  6. ;P I like cake, also, yes i iz very lazy, xD, i don’t play vanilla anymore xD, but k
  7. I expect my-self to be studying-studying-studying, then sports, homework, and A - Average on grades might not even have much play time........... ;(
  8. xD, then I would be level 13 for so long.............
  9. when generating ores, just let spawners generate on the surface, spawn the new evil villagers, and boom, everyone dies mwhahahahhaahhaaahaa*chokes while laughing*haahahakghhakahah *dies from choking*
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