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  1. i would have to agree. the build does seem alright, although, i would get in touch with best buy and ask for the full specs, including what power supply and motherboard is used.
  2. sorry for the wait, i have been busy. i came up with this build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CH9Ppb you can choose the case, cooling (if the case comes with none) and an ssd. the motherboard does have an m.2 slot if you would like to go with that. the components that i have chosen may not be the cheapest, eg. you can get a different 1050ti for less, or a single stick of ram is cheaper, but i am trying to give you an idea of what to get, not the exact components. get back to me if you have any questions.
  3. ok, and for the case, do you want a glass sidepanel?
  4. well for that, a 1050ti can give you relatively good performance on medium-high settings for a good number of games. to multitask, you might want a decent amount of ram, i recommend no less than 8gbs if you can afford it. i would also go with a ryzen cpu, as they are incredibly good for the money. do you want an ssd?
  5. for heavy gaming, do you mean ultra settings on quite demanding titles? if so, a 1050ti won't be sufficient. although, with the mining craze, that will probably be the only card to fit within your budget.
  6. what do you plan to do with the pc?
  7. I have never had a pop up, unless adware somehow crept onto my computer.
  8. do you really need a 600W power supply? i would go a lower one, and use the spare money on more ram or an ssd.
  9. ok, then that makes a lot of the process much easier.
  10. just to be on the safe side, i would watch this video for a last compatibility check. it seems like everything will work fine to me.
  11. the gtx 1050 is arguably the best low budget graphics card. if you had a little more money to spend, a 1060 would make the world of difference. the 1050 should run most games at medium-low settings fairly well. the i5 7400 is a great processor. like @SteelyEyed you could go with a cheaper intel processor, or you could try a ryzen processor. the motherboard will work with this processor. i would personally go with a smaller (120gb) m.2 ssd. i would load the os and maybe a few programs you use a large amount of time onto it. i would then save files, images other games etc. on the hdd. i would stick with 8gb of ram, and wait until you have more funds to upgrade. what are you using for cooling? the case seems fine. same goes with most of the other components.
  12. an ssd is a great addition, although it looks as if your motherboard has an m.2 slot. i would recommend getting an m.2 ssd for even faster storage.
  13. what do you intend to do with the pc?
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