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  1. Haha why am I even here my minecraft account was hijacked How is Diversity doing
  2. Hi, some of you may remember me as Groz and I used to play on this server. Unfortunately, however, my account was stolen in 2018 and i havent played Minecraft in a very long time. However, playing through the game Stardew Valley made me miss such a friendly community like this, which leads me to this question: if I were to buy another Minecraft account and prove it were me, could my assets from my previous account (claim, base, level, shop) somehow be transferred?
  3. make a new account and ask an admin to transfer your progress
  4. Whoa there son Im completely joking. Im too lazy to make an amusement park myself and I would never rip off someone take all the time you need
  5. Wait. Since your account is hacked, that means that this project is on hold. Which means that I have a chance to make my own ripoff version. #Grozland
  6. Tournite 2017 - 2017 Let me guess did someone promise you free Optifine Capes?
  7. Chances are if you're wearing god armor you're going to be able to survive a sharp drop easily. In my base I regularly fall ~50 blocks and shake it off. No Feather Falling IV. Just some Beacons. And you always spawn near a village or a ravine anyways in Ores.
  8. a little bit late but do you mean elytraing as in underground? Because you will die if you fly around underground.
  9. SubTheGrizzly

    SMP Reset?

    It can be reset if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams!
  10. I know a shitty shitload about many mods. Should you go through with this Groz for Modded SMP Admin 2k17. BTW Lol I'm actually very good with mods. I beta tested NEI (even though its useless now with 1.12). I helped do some combination coding for FTB (Feed The Beast) the most popular modpack of all time. I understand how to code mobs in Minecraft with limited AI and I'm extremely familiar with Bibliocraft and other popular mods such as More Mobs Mod, Pokecraft, all of the shit.
  11. Hey. That isn't safe. Don't meet strangers you meet on the Internet in real life. They could be dangerous. Always ask a trusted teacher, parent or guardian before you interact with strangers online, and never give away any of your personal information. If you feel unsafe, contact a moderator or admin and immediately cut off communication with the stranger. If we all follow these rules, we can all have fun!
  12. Can I have all of your unwanted buildings, valuables and items? Worth asking. I'm such a horrible person.
  13. To be serious, though, actually non involuntary dying to zombies should be a thing of the past. If you're scaffolding and you fall to 3 HP and then there's a zombie standing there that's one thing, but if you are actually truly at the mercy of a few zombies you can always summon someone to help you fight them. And to be completely honest the only way to starve to death if you are trolling. Way too many resources on the server to starve to death easily.
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