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  1. TheeDezTroyernV

    Fist Post!

    Apples r juicy
  2. TheeDezTroyernV

    Banned For Not Being Funny?!?!?

    Yeah,i do understand your rules, and was rude of me to spam chat,but I said why it didn't say I had been muted in the first place.it looked like I was able to chat but I was not,never the less,I understand your rules and will not spam chat from here on out
  3. TheeDezTroyernV

    Banned For Not Being Funny?!?!?

    So I Make An Unfunny Comment,then Get Muted And Kicked of The Server,i Rejoin,Type A Couple Of Words,Nothing,It doesn't Even Tell Me I Was Muted, I Type A Few More Words,And BAM,You Have Been Kicked For Spamming Even Though No One Could Hear Me...... I Believe I Should UnBanned Obviously Because I Was Not Aware That I was Muted, So I Typed Words To See If Anyone Could Hear Me,They Could Not,So I Spammed,I Know It Was Wrong Of Me To Spam In The First Place,But Muting For Stupid Reasons And Not Even Be Able To MSG Staff To Talk It Out, I Truly Love Playing On Diversity,The Community Is Kind And Respectful, And As I Am LVL6,I Could Not Be Bothered To Redo It All On Another Server.Hope You Can Unban Me Thanks! IGN: Destroyer_nV

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