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  1. __PaulGR__

    __PaulGr__ & JamPaul

    Thank you so much <3 I want let you down! And to say i have stopped using hacks when i got the first account banned never used hacks again!
  2. __PaulGR__

    __PaulGr__ & JamPaul

    Ty Turbo i will wait
  3. __PaulGR__

    __PaulGr__ & JamPaul

    Hello its beed several days without eny kind of respone. Should i consider there is no way back?
  4. __PaulGR__

    __PaulGr__ & JamPaul

    ) What's your current in-game name? JamPaul & __PaulGR_ Hello there. I did take the time after all to make a post about sharing what happened. About a years ago i join Diversity with the acc __PaulGr__. I played for a days or weeks if i can recall correctly. But i had a hard time adapting from single players to multi player as i mention on my ban appeal. I used flyhack and antifall damage. To be honest i really like the feel of the server in the little time i was playing. After my permaban i decided to login using my other account JamPaul. So i did start fresh. With the knowledge that cheating wont take me anywhere on the server. And i did stay clean for a year. Never cheated again trying to be a helpfull player. No hate speech or enything. I mind my own businesses and didn't cause any troubles. So the days went on and on and had a very good time building and exploring. When i applied for the other account __PaulGR__ on Aprill 26 i was motivated by my friend who wanted to join the community. But had no minecraft acc. So i applied here with the hope that my old account will be applead and he could join the server with me. I had in mind that i was against the rules to use an alt account. But i did thought that after a year i could have the change to talk and explain my actions. Then one day 412 tp on asked me about the alts and before i had the time to answer to him he said something"" about __PaulGr__"" and i knew what was coming. Preman ban on JamPaul acc Yeap i am responsible for that. I should have talked before we came to this point. And i have to be honest i was really mad when that happened. I din't have the change to talk. To say a word. I know that stated in my ban ''plz appeal on forum'' but i really wanted to have the time to explain. I did had the thought to join Discord and talk to some but most of the times i did tried to find a person to talk i didn't find anyone. I really think that the past year i proved that i can be a legit player! Now this is the story arround __PaulGr__ & Jambol. If you want to take time and talk with me i would be happy
  5. __PaulGR__

    Banned for a year or so

    Hello Lucifer. Long waiting time but i get it. Ty for taking the time to reply. I am really sorry i din't make my thoughts clear. When i said i stealing something from creative i didn't mean griefing, nor stealing from others. I was more talking about making the game i was playing more easy with the hacks i used. If i can recall correctly my first ban was on the first week on the server! I had take some rails from the nether. I thought the i could do that cause the area wasn't claimed. After my ban , one of the mods , i thing it was either 412 or TwoDog , told me that that wasn't ok. He also explained that it's not ok to do anything to other peoples thinks. That was the first time i did it and it was the last. Now i won't swear i won't hack, cause i don't like swearing. I can only promise that, even if that seems so much pointless to me, and i think you feel the same way. I haven't applied after my ban cause i knew that i had to change my thinking first before i would even stand a chance to get back to the server. (BTW sorry for my bad English i have 5 years that i don't exercise) . My acts were impulsive and childish. Now the last think i can say is that they only way that you can be sure that i have changed is for my to actually prove my words.
  6. __PaulGR__

    Banned for a year or so

    Xmm it's completely up to you if you really want me back. There is not much i can say to make my position here better. Now chances can by given. I think it's pointless to say i won't cheat again. If i had that intention i wouldn't even bother applying here. So this is out of the way. The second think i would like you to take under thoughts is that this was the first ever multiplayer smp style server i have ever played. I used to play alone till that moment. So its was typical (i think for a lot of us) in a single player world to be more freely to cheat and steal some thinks from the creative when we need them. Thats was my thinking of playing the game. Now on the last past year i ahave played on some other smps. Got evolved on some lan multiplayer action, and i feel more comfortable on the multiplayers server. I learned its much more fun when you need something not to cheat it in. This is it. So i would really love to get some action back on the server. If you really want me back.
  7. __PaulGR__

    Banned for a year or so

    Hello there. My ingame name is __PaulGR__! I've been banned for a year now. Hmm i think i was banned for unti-fall damage or smth. I would love to come back to the serve if you agree to accept me! I really want to start playing again on your server ty for your time
  8. __PaulGR__

    Ban for griefing and ingoring staff

    I shall wait for my ban to expire and i have taken my lesson about grifing. I know you messaged me but as i explained to another mod i was having internet issues. When my client received the text i was trying to answer back but i coudn't communicate as you might also see on the logs i was getting disconnected so many times! And i only show you were asking me to tp on you my launchers log! I am more than please to restore the griefted rails when i come back.
  9. I got banned for this reason but i don't get it! Its a three days ban! Why is that? Can at least have a reason? Its says griefing but i think i din't! But if you say that i did grief i am more willing to pay back and restore the damage! As for the part that i wasn't answering 412 i was having some internet issues! Basically, i am having issues most of the time cause i live in a village in Greece and my internet kinda s**ks.! I can make up for everything if you can give me a change. 3 days are a lot! I was planning on make a 24hours gameplay to get to lvl5 to open a shop! So plz tell me what i have to do and i am gonna do it! ---- Guys i kinda miss my villagers and my sugar cane farm ---- __PaulGR__