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  1. Elven/Faerie in a forst sounds good, but what forest? DarkOak, Oak Forest? What about a man made forest
  2. BigZ


    Classic Dark *tsk tsk tsk*
  3. BigZ

    Banner Shop

    Yes, Alk... ofc
  4. BigZ

    Banner Shop

    @SvitlaAngel Basically, here is a Charged Creeper farm... Netherrack squares (5x5) with a hole in the middle, Ill say how to get Creepers in later. In the hole, made of Glass (I prefer Glass, so you can see which one is charged... duh...), and a worthless material under so you can knock it out later when you get a Charged Creeper in. When the Charged Creeper is dropped (from the box) it will go in some kind of transportation (4th picture). If you have Creepers in, AFK during a thunderstorms a good 30-40 blocks away, so Lightning can strike How to catch Creepers: Put trapdoors on the holes and lure them, they'll think the trapdoor is a block and walk over it, they'll fall in(Make sure to remove trapdoor before use, or it blocks the Lightning. Make sure to name the Creeper, so it won't despawn. Have some kind of chamber where the Charged Creeper is met with another mob (Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton) and then blown up with Flint and Steel. Make sure to hit the mob you wanna blow before having the Creeper come in, the Creeper's damage doesnt kill it. If the mob is successfully killed by the Charged Creeper, it will drop its head (Does not work on Players! Dont try...)
  5. BigZ

    WorldEdit Commands

    1 more important command that @DarkMonolith and I use... //flip
  6. BigZ

    “Ooooh”Town Helpers

    Oh wait, wut... anyways... Ill just apply In Game Name (IGN): -OverlordBigZ Level: -18 And a picture with some of your builds:
  7. BigZ


    Its great, is there any more I should say? Just keep doing what you do, I look forward to your next art pieces.
  8. Shout out to @Alkesta, for making my new Profile Banner

  9. I honestly dont know if it goes in Suggestions or Help but here is it Zore, here's the list of WE Commands CreativePro Players dont have //count //calc //rotate I went through all the /we help 1-14, testing commands and I found these 3 commands to not work
  10. Dont worry, CreativePro wont be empty when I become lvl18
  11. I really like it, good job Ashley!
  12. SMP... is gonna be 1.10 too soon? So soon? Damn
  13. BigZ

    Autorank for Vanilla?

    I agree with Turbo, but people would abuse it if no staff would be there. What about increasing the Required Level for Vanilla?
  14. SugarCane Hills all the way
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