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  1. Redst0ned

    Drop Party

    Im stupid and I forgot so Saturday 4th March at 8PM GMT (hopefully)
  2. Redst0ned

    Drop Party

  3. Are you actually saying that 1.8 pvp is 'randomly hitting your mouse' and 'doesn't need tactics'? But when every other hit whiffs (plays the hit sound, shows the hit particles but does not deal damage or knockback to the player) mixed with the attack cooldown it means that you are just sat there, trading hits. In my view this needs much less skill (not saying that it doesn't need skill) that a faster alternative where you can blockhit, w-tap and just generally combo people. Feel free to ask anymore questions. Also the build is good
  4. Redst0ned

    Drop Party

    Well, I have a bit of stuff just sat in chests never being used and I thought, why not give it away to people who might use it. So Drop party of all my items will take place On Saturday 25th February at 8pm GMT, be there for free goods A few screenshots of some items (the cake is a lie) Looking forward to seeing you all there
  5. Just going to say this, the words PVP and the version 1.9+ do not go well together. If you would like me to explain why, I will.
  6. You could just change the particle textures in said server resource pack, but I don't know if it would be a viable thing
  7. Only thing with that is particle textures are client side
  8. Favourite version is 1.8 before they ruined the pvp Favourite block is command block
  9. I guess this can be considered help: What is the plugin called that autosorts things?
  10. And I see a completely different font?
  11. Please don't remove the caves, even though they make it easier it is also 1000000 times more fun to cave. Although my views may be disregarded as I don't actually play with the changes
  12. Congrats to Whatevahh, and bye to the others. Also with the website - would it be possible to make it so when you press the button (with the ip written on) it copies the ip to your clipboard?
  13. Forgotten about this - thanks for the offer but it will not be needed
  14. But lava becomes not there with fire resistance - which I use when going mining in ores
  15. Congratulations - you win a patch of summerset marshland that's been filled with oily fish that was previously owned by a documentary filmmaker and a white rapper.

    It's Michael Moore and Macklemore's mackerel moor


    (credit to citation needed)

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      Nobody gets it ._.

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      Oh wait... I understand this. 


      Oh. Now I remember. WHYYY

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      Still no idea :/ 

  16. Here's an idea for making it riskier - if you die you die and lose everything. There is no way of getting it back. that by itself wouldn't do much as you would just not take anything but a pick with you - but with harder mods etc, it would make it much harder
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