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  1. Access to claim blocks. Either as a reward to just given Emeralds. Shulker shells or boxes - Could even be filled with items, like having x10 stacks of a random food in it. Beacons - Farming wither skeletons is ugh Player heads - Either a random person or your own. Unique decorative heads, like the ones used in Hub - Crates, beacons, chests etc. Enchantment books - Could have unavailable enchants on like Mending/infinity Oddly enchanted rare collectable items - Paper with Sharpness on for example Spawn eggs for sought after things, like villagers or cows.
  2. Vryx

    SMP Difficulty

    While I am tired of having rogue creepers dropping on top of me and killing me, that is ultimately my fault for not bothering to light the place up. I actually like that it is on Hard as it means I cannot continue to face-tank a creeper and have no issues, I might have to start carrying a chest-plate on me again and switch it out with an elytra if I want to get places or fly. Changing the difficulty IMO, has made the game less stale.
  3. Vryx

    Faces to the names

    Well ain't that somethin
  4. So with the internet being anonymous I've always wondered about the person behind the name, and how their name or avatar portrays themselves in-game and if it is even a close match. I'd like to create a post in which players are able to put a face to their name if they wish as I am always curious who I'm actually talking to online. I understand people will most likely be shy for their own reasons and should feel no pressure to post unless they are comfortable doing so. Well, guess it's time to get started (Yes, I have a potato head, I know :P)
  5. Is this going to be more of a modernized sort of structure to the build type. In the sense of more what you'd see in the 21st century e.g cafes and computers, or are you going for a fantasy/historical type style with stuff like blacksmiths and all that jazz. I think depending on what you are going for would largely impact what you'd find. Either way. Port: Docks Warehouses Fishings huts Ship building yard Port cranes Canal locks - to allow for different water levels at the Y level Tailor Butcher Library Bakery Upper, middle and lower class housing Churches or religious areas. Possibly graveyard on nearby land with a bridge heading to it? Bell tower Town hall - for community meetings Fountains/ relaxation areas. All I can think of at 6am sorry.
  6. Vryx

    Goodbye Diversity.

    Lmao whut. you have just been talking about a grief squad, now want someone unbanned so they can join you. and yet you want to come back to the server.. Are you actually serious ? I hope with all my being that you aren't allowed near the server again.
  7. Would a, say 15% decreased cool down time for kits be something that is game-changing ? A way to change Elytra wings to something specific - Like making a banner for example. Particle effects when sprinting and such could be a good addition. Perhaps something like the ability to choose flame colour on sword and bows which have it.
  8. Large amounts of space and plenty of concealed areas gives me the chance to play about with trying to figure out some redstone and automated stuff.
  9. So here is my second one. It is a castle I've been working on and is still a WIP but the majority of the exterior is done and now I just need to work around getting the interior shaped up and going. Co-ords are: X :93967 Z: -61430 Few exterior shots. Messed up counting a few times and so the two octagons touch.. but I can live with it Now this being the first large build I have ever really attempted I figured I might as well make the interior useful as well, considering the large amount of free space inside Here is what I have so far: Fireplaces to keep the place warm and toasty. - Will have a smelter behind it at some point. Stairs to get up to the first (of many) floors
  10. Vryx

    Iron Park

    Looks fantastic. Would love to be able to wander around and look at everything in person
  11. Is it possible to dumb down certain enchants in ores world ? So protection 4 might only protect as much as a protection 2 for example. This makes it so mobs can actually pose some form of threat and you might not be able to one hit every single mob with a crit. This also levels out the power curve of enchants and armour values from a newer player and an experienced one so that Ores can still pose a similar threat level. Changed mob damage depending on Level might be another option if possible, but this also can also become a but absurd at higher levels when a level 15+ might have to deal with more damage on the same gear as a level 5. Changing it to perma-day would increase mob spawns under ground, which if possible to have lower value enchants would force you to play carefully and actually pay attention. Disabling movement commands below a certain y level would make it so that once you want to go home you've gotta make your own way out to the surface, but it also stops panic /home when you're falling. I for one have Water in inventory and just /home and use it, then /back to get back where I was if I fall in lava and think I might get attacked or simply do not want to burn.
  12. 1) Sadly, no pets any more, had to let my dog of 11 years go last Thursday, Name was Sniper and he was a Lurcher, a Saluki/Collie/Greyhound mix and a complete idiot, but adorable 2) Never tried my hand at baking, I am more of a cooking man. I guess I should learn, I want my own cookies 3)My favourite thing to make in minecraft would have to just be castles, they're large and so have lots of available areas to detail it plus I can devote a lot of spare time to it. I like building most things that do not involve redstone or a modern style 4)Redstone But seriously, if we're talking SMP-wise, it'd be people who do not listen, do not explore their options and expect things given to them
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