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  1. That was a really tough day. 52km and a quarter of that in decidedly muddy conditions. Made it through to the end if the day and the finish line \o/ My blisters have blisters and sunburn... owie. No chance to do more today unfortunately but very pleased and all in support of Magic Breakfast.
  2. 10k left to go today. whoee this tough. not long passed the 1st marathon distance of the weekend ( fingers crossed )
  3. At the starting line now. Setting of in the next half hour. Folks if you would like to keep up with my progress om the route I'm bib number 3013 https://isleofwight.livetrail.net
  4. SteelyEyed

    Star Wars Day

    May the Fourth be with you! https://www.starwars.com/community
  5. I've never, really, been hungry. Sure, each one of us has felt we needed to eat at some time... but what if you were really hungry, and what if that was distracting you for half of your day, every day? Now imagine you're a child at school I believe that education is key to unlocking the best outcomes in life for our kids so I'm here raising awareness for Magic Breakfast whose mission is to see thousands of children start their day well with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. This weekend I shall be walking the complete coastal path around the Isle of Wight, just off the south coast of the UK, where I'll be covering 66 miles (106km) over two days. I'll let you all know how things are going during the weekend.
  6. Influences from MtG and Munchkin? The background colours look consistent and solid, that's way harder than it looks. Promising.
  7. OK. Now that there is only one ban appeal... Spambot has no mercy and you typed the same command 4 times in 2 seconds (from the logs) - that is enough to get its interest and while it does seem a little harsh in the circumstances, it was not unfair or unwarranted. Please do not repeat commands multiple times in the future. The ban has been lifted.
  8. Making duplicate ban appeals for a ban by the spambot... I'll close this one.
  9. Can you describe what is, or isn't, happening or what is going wrong?
  10. Top tip for y'all when playing on sb2. Set you island home while standing in a pool of water... /is sethome Then when you mess up and fall (or the plugin messes up 'cus, you know, shit happens)... /is Laters o/
  11. Someone claiming your build was wrong, but the right thing to do if that happens to you is to contact the server staff and ask for assistance. Getting angry and behaving badly by building another wall with claims right around is not the right thing to do at all. After the fact saying "...we were being stupid..." does not excuse the behaviour. In addition to that....here's a couple of things that you said in public chat: ********* claimed my base becuase it wasnte claim and i am gonna do some stuff he has grieffed my base i want revenge Server logs clearly show you 'raiding' unclaimed builds in the mesa near where you built your base. In your post above you also claim the staff member who was managing the incident was abusive in chat. Having reviewed the logs I can see that is not correct. This same staff member is the same one that transferred the ownership of the claim on your build back to you! Since then you've also felt it unnecessary to follow the rules in this forum twice in the last day by posting to other players ban appeals despite the fact it says clearly at the top of the forums not to do so. All of these things demonstrate a lack of respect for others, a lack of respect for other people's work and show a lack of respect for our rules. Why would we reduce the duration of your temporary ban in light of all this?
  12. Firstly: See the sticky at the very top of the ban appeals forum Secondly: The summary rules in-game are just that, summaries. The current rules can be found here: https://diversitymc.net/rules In the time you've been with us recently you've broken the following rules Rule #2 - No griefing or stealing - You've admitted to this so no need to belabour the point Rule #4 - No PVP except in designated areas or PVP servers - You were seen attempting PVPing with another player by staff Rule #8 - Respect other players' builds and spaces - Demanding revenge against another player (in chat) and taking matters into your own hands by building a 'revenge wall' instead of contacting staff and letting us do our jobs. I had asked you about a half hour before this if there was a problem and if you wanted any help? Third: Ban lengths, when we feel forced to make them, are determined by the severity of the rule breaking. We saw no evidence of any other 'revenge walls' in the incidents that led up to your being temporarily banned.
  13. Hi! That sounds really odd and I hope one of the staff were able to help you out hours ago. Probably the best way to get help in game is with the /ticket command. Type that follows by a short description of your problem. These are seen by all staff and get dealt with pretty much as soon as we’re online. See you soon
  14. This is a threat about a Marshmallow? I hear they can be scary.... that must be why some people skewer them and roast the ALIVE!
  15. Congrats to all the new helpers! And everyone, give these guys and gals a round of applause - woot! woot!
  16. Sounds a little mercenary to me. Free stuff for money. Hehe, kidding, thanks for the ice What's the story with that awesome purple creeper skin?
  17. It's real and 12GB https://storagemedia.com/plasmon-12gb-worm-disk-media-lm6000.html
  18. Helper applications are closed for this round, Thank you to everyone who applied.
  19. One of the team brought in disk this morning, asking if we could read the files on it? No camera trickery here this is real! Laptop and phone for scale!
  20. SteelyEyed


    All the Minecraft versions excluding the 'Java Edition' are converging on a single codebase. PE / consoles / Win10 (with or without VR) are, or will all be, playable in a shared world. I think that the total lack of modding support is a huge hurdle, and not one that's going to be solved in this thread, but it's something that definitely needs to be kept in mind for the future.
  21. I need to add a third point to the list here also for completeness. Third. Just a few days ago someone claiming to be a friend of Draqon_ joined and tried to 'scam' an unban for the Draqon_ account, with a story about the account being stolen. So either a) Draqon_ lied to a friend about why they were banned or b) lied to me using yet another account. Neither of which paint a positive picture.
  22. First off -- thank you for asking about this! We always appreciate it when people ask questions about the server Staff have had a conversation about the plugin and we're OK with it - so please go ahead if you wish. If you would prefer to do this without introducing a client-side mod you could take out a plus subscription and get access to the auto-inventory plugin which does the same things but we understand that this isn't an option for everyone. The auto-inventory plug-in is kept updated by the admins and means you could use the inventory features on any computer.
  23. You cannot transfer claim blocks between accounts - they cannot be sold or traded - period. You can however buy more claim blocks at /warp claims for emeralds. We will not transfer claims or builds or anything between accounts but one thing you might consider is that you can globally trust yourself... Using the original account, stand outside all claims and /trust player_135 your new account will then be trusted in all the original accounts' claims and, although it's rarely done, I believe you can also /permissiontrust player_135 to grant your new account the rights to further delegate trust to others.
  24. One of my colleagues just got back from a trip...he went out to observe but offered us this one...
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