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  1. Claim not working

    Hi! That sounds really odd and I hope one of the staff were able to help you out hours ago. Probably the best way to get help in game is with the /ticket command. Type that follows by a short description of your problem. These are seen by all staff and get dealt with pretty much as soon as we’re online. See you soon 😀
  2. Mildly Interesting pictures

    This is a threat about a Marshmallow? I hear they can be scary.... that must be why some people skewer them and roast the ALIVE!
  3. Diversity Update: December 2017 - NEW HELPERS!

    Congrats to all the new helpers! And everyone, give these guys and gals a round of applause - woot! woot!
  4. Snow's Ama

    Sounds a little mercenary to me. Free stuff for money. Hehe, kidding, thanks for the ice What's the story with that awesome purple creeper skin?
  5. Hello...is that tech support?

    It's real and 12GB https://storagemedia.com/plasmon-12gb-worm-disk-media-lm6000.html
  6. Helper Applications are no longer open

    Helper applications are closed for this round, Thank you to everyone who applied.
  7. Hello...is that tech support?

    One of the team brought in disk this morning, asking if we could read the files on it? No camera trickery here this is real! Laptop and phone for scale!
  8. MCPE?

    All the Minecraft versions excluding the 'Java Edition' are converging on a single codebase. PE / consoles / Win10 (with or without VR) are, or will all be, playable in a shared world. I think that the total lack of modding support is a huge hurdle, and not one that's going to be solved in this thread, but it's something that definitely needs to be kept in mind for the future.
  9. Ban apeal

    I need to add a third point to the list here also for completeness. Third. Just a few days ago someone claiming to be a friend of Draqon_ joined and tried to 'scam' an unban for the Draqon_ account, with a story about the account being stolen. So either a) Draqon_ lied to a friend about why they were banned or b) lied to me using yet another account. Neither of which paint a positive picture.
  10. Invertory Tweaks

    First off -- thank you for asking about this! We always appreciate it when people ask questions about the server Staff have had a conversation about the plugin and we're OK with it - so please go ahead if you wish. If you would prefer to do this without introducing a client-side mod you could take out a plus subscription and get access to the auto-inventory plugin which does the same things but we understand that this isn't an option for everyone. The auto-inventory plug-in is kept updated by the admins and means you could use the inventory features on any computer.
  11. Transfer of old player data to new account

    You cannot transfer claim blocks between accounts - they cannot be sold or traded - period. You can however buy more claim blocks at /warp claims for emeralds. We will not transfer claims or builds or anything between accounts but one thing you might consider is that you can globally trust yourself... Using the original account, stand outside all claims and /trust player_135 your new account will then be trusted in all the original accounts' claims and, although it's rarely done, I believe you can also /permissiontrust player_135 to grant your new account the rights to further delegate trust to others.
  12. The Solar Eclipse

    One of my colleagues just got back from a trip...he went out to observe but offered us this one...
  13. Machine of Death

    Hmmm, tricky one, how to have one missile do for two people in different countries...pondering it...more complicated because others have CoD that ain't nuclear Armageddon, this is going to take finesse
  14. Machine of Death

    Could be the vacuum of space? Maybe you shouldn't ride on Mr Musk's first passenger rocket
  15. Machine of Death

    How will you die? You've always wanted to know...well for around $20 and drop of your blood the machine will tell you. It won't tell you when or where, or any of that other stuff, just how. It is unfailingly accurate and 100% guaranteed. Interesting premise isn't it? Well you can read an ebook, for free (it's creative commons licensed), that has a number of short stories about how the machine might change people's lives. I read this and the sequel years ago and own the game (of creative assassination) that it spawned on Kickstarter. http://machineofdeath.net/ebook If reading isn't your thing, listen to these stories as podcasts http://feeds.feedburner.com/machineofpodcast The Machine It's not real, but if you'd like a fun prediction of how you will die from a web based bot...well that can be arranged http://machineofdeath.com/. Anyone gets any particularly exciting predictions, post them below and if you like the book consider supporting the authors with some of your cash. Info at http://machineofdeath.net