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  1. You may not want to hear this but this is only supported for the next 2.5 years (until Jan 14th 2020) honestly if you're redoing your PC now it's time to move on. Fully agree ads are annoying and if you're not lucky enough to be running Win 10 Enterprise you do have to adjust loads of things to turn them off but you can do it, I found this: The MSI B250M-Mortar is well regarded. Have to agree with Turbo on the SSD, it's a huge difference. Like was said over when Luci was picking that new PC you can squeeze by with a 120GB SSD but honestly recommend an ~250GB drive. Keep your existing HDD for media and installing programs that you can live without the SSD boost. Excellent performance without totally breaking the piggy bank maybe look for the Samsung PM961 (uses the M.2 slot so it's really neat and tidy), you get an more traditional SSD, for example a WD Green, for ~80% of the price. One thing to say about the motherboard - it doesn't allow dual nvidia graphics cards, it does allow dual AMD - not a problem for most people but worth knowing just in case. The 1060 is a solid card, it's good for gaming at 1080p with gaming on one (of two connected) monitors you should be good. If you're going to a higher res monitor for gaming you might need to turn down some of the pretties a bit. You don't honestly need 600W (nvidia say 400W for a system with a 1060) and you can, for pretty much the same money, get a 450W modular version. Corsair 450 Watt CX450M is semi-modular which means that the main ATX power cable is hard-wired but the other power cables (for sata/graphics) can be plugged in or unplugged separately, this can sometimes make for a lot neater cabling inside the case. Or save a few dollars and pickup a CX500 if you like Corsair. Last is memory...the motherboard supports 2400MHz RAM. The price difference between 2133 and 2400 can be literally zero - on they are both listed at the same price. The 2133 is CL15, the 2400 is CL17. Which is 'better' depends upon your specific tasks but I would say consensus favours clock rate for most home uses.
  2. If you build this one folks watch out -- the farm limiter plugin is gonna get you! You can 'fix' it two different ways: 1) by making the area where the cows bounce up and down longer (away from the wall with the killing chamber) -- put 7 blocks between the bouncing cows to be dead safe 2) put cows in two adjacent holes and mooshrooms in the other two
  3. Hi Frodo be careful with your twitch channel settings. Diversity has 'R' (aged 18+) rated chat.
  4. Well you didn't post back but I see you online now so this is resolved. Please read the rules and have a great time!
  5. Nightmqre__ you were unbanned on June 6th by one of our administrators after a previous appeal and it looks like you logged on after you posted here (again) on Sat, 01 Jul 2017 15:09:43 GMT. If you are seeing a banned message now please post a screenshot here and if you're able to logon please just post back that you are logging in OK.
  6. Lots of people were affected yesterday but not all, seemingly at random selection. Probably wasn't on your side so you shouldn't need to do anything and things appear to be back to normal now.
  7. Bungee was eating a lot of CPU, can only speculate why, affected lots of people but not all. Things are back to where they should be now.
  8. What resolution display are you driving? The 1050 is solid to 1920x1080, if you're going higher (or drive multiple screens) you would be well served by going up there. To save a few dollars (and pay for that in budget) is there anything from a current setup that can be reused, perhaps a PSU or HDD and if you don't need the keyboard and mouse why buy them (-203NOK)? I would definately include an SSD (if possible) it makes a world of difference. You can drop that down to 120GB provided you don't want to be able to hibernate the PC (a hidden file, the size of the RAM, is permanently reserved). Don't install Steam to this drive - you can still put specific steam games on it. I wouldn't make this compromise myself but it's out there. I would stick with 8GB of RAM in the first instance, yes more is merrier but it's something you could easily add later. Do bear in mind that roughly double the size of the RAM will be reserved on the OS disk by Windows itself so if you are going to 16GB you really shouldn't drop any SSD below 200GB. It's always compromises, if the budget is pressed consider dropping the CPU down to the i3-7100. It has even better single thread performance than the i5 quoted. You would notice some difference if you're doing media work (encoding video) but otherwise not so much.
  9. Reptile, Your thread here and requests inspired Zore to add Death Star (and a Spleef/Hot Foot arena) to the server. The entry point is a sign on the column at the North end of /server hub (near the vanilla portal). Nice one!
  10. Just noticed that both Forge and OptiFine have been released for 1.12 OptiFine: Forge:
  11. Duplicate thread. Locked.
  12. Hey Corvair, Please read forum post here and update the appeal. Thank you.
  13. Who can say? A reset is not currently being discussed. However it may be reset sometime in the future, the SMP world is 100% persistent.
  14. Vanilla updated to 1.12 folks!
  15. Hey Everyone! Mojang (Microsoft) have updated the version of Minecraft again. The servers in the Diversity MC network will continue to run the 'old' version of Minecraft for a little while, until all the plugins that we use are updated and tested with the new version. We know you want all the new features as soon as possible, we play too and we're as impatient as you guys! While we're still at different versions the differences (between your computer and the server) can make it tricky to connect. Below we'll walk through how to put the settings into Minecraft on your computer to get you playing here again or so we can welcome you for the first time Right now we have two hub servers, one for people that connect using the 'old' version (1.11.2) and one for people that connect with the 'new' version (1.12), both look the same and have portals to different worlds in the Diversity network but, and this is important, from the 'old' hub only the portals that lead to servers using the 'old' version will work and from the 'new' hub only portals leading to an updated server will work. Update (13-June-17) - The vanilla server has been updated to 1.12 and should be accessible from the portals in the new hub, there's a small hitch at the moment though so you will need to type /server vanilla from the new hub to get there. The vanilla world has not been reset at this time. Remember you need to be level 4+ in SMP to build on the vanilla server! Update (28-June-17) - The SMP server has been updated to 1.12 and is now accessible from the new hub. Most other servers to be updated within the next day or so (see: Server Updates). So to connect to SMP you now need to use a 1.12 profile. Use the instructions below but choose 1.12 when selecting the release. Update (29-June-17) - The Event, both Creative servers (plot squared and pro) and the Mob Arena have all been updated to 1.12. You still need to use 1.11.2 to connect to Skyblock, Survival Games and UHC. Connect to us with 1.12 unless you are going to one of these three. The other servers have not been updated so if you connect with the newer version of the client you'll be 'trapped' in the hub. You can tell if this is happening to you if, when you try to walk through one of the server portals you see the following message in the chat window: If that happens we'll need to go through a couple of simple steps to get you connected to the 'old' hub. Let's take it from the beginning... When you start the launcher you will see a screen similar to the following: Let's zoom in on the important part...right under the word "PLAY" it has some text and in that there is a number that says which version of Minecraft is to be launched - here it's showing "1.12" (which as I write this is the latest version). Let's fix this. First click on the hamburger button in the top right. Then click on "Launch options" when the new options are shown. If you have not changed any options before then you will see the "Latest release" listed, if you've created other profiles you could see others. What we need to do is click "Add new" so we can create the profile suitable for Diversity MC. In the next window you'll set what's needed, don't worry it's not complicated! Type something like "Diversity MC" in the Name box and select "release 1.11.2" from the Version drop down list. Then click "SAVE". We'll be back at the "Launch options" page but now we see a new entry "Diversity MC". Click on "News" in the upper left. Almost there now. On the main screen click the upwards pointing arrow besides the "PLAY" icon. Then click on "Diversity MC" from the list that appears (it's the same list as on the "Launcher options" page) Take a careful look at the "PLAY"'ll see that it now shows 1.11.2 (it might say download in front of the number, that's not a problem). Just click "PLAY" and you're done with the version setup. If you've played on Diversity MC before everything else remains as it was without any other changes. If you're New to Diversity MC please read on, we'll get you connected to our network! After clicking "PLAY" Minecraft itself will be started, click on "Multiplayer" in the middle of the screen. If you've never setup a server before you'll be shown the screen below, if you have used other servers in the past they will be listed here. We want to connect to the Diversity MC network so lets go ahead and click "Add Server" When we click "Add Server" we'll see a screen where we can enter information about the server we want to connect to. In the Server Name box type "Diversity MC" and in the Server Address box type "" (you can cut and paste from here if that helps). Then click "Done". Now the "Play Multiplayer" screen has our server listed. Click on the Diversity MC icon and our server will launch. You're now online with us, you're in our server hub. You should be facing towards a large overhead SMP sign. Walk towards that sign. When you get closer to that big sign you will see portals to the right and left (numbered 1 and 2). Walk through either of these portals (both are the same). You will be in cave, it's perfectly safe. Read the rules on the signs in the cave, follow the instructions and when you click on the final sign...get ready for the welcomes from our friendly online community! Oh and if I'm not there... WELCOME!