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  1. Essentially what TwoDog said. The SMP server is meant to primarily be survival based. The Printer aspect of the Schematica mod is very, very "cheaty" and it's unfair to other players who spend a lot of time and effort building amazing things the old fashioned way. If you want to cheat a build, whether its by just printing other people's work, using a mod to save time, or using creative inventories, that's what creative servers are for.
  2. Have you heard of this new invention called "punctuation"? It actually makes your sentences clearer and easier to understand, as well as less likely to be misinterpreted.
  3. If you haven't already, put in a ticket with coords of where you'd like your old shop moved to near your base and let us know that's what it's for. Once this week is done and you're still active, we'll hook you up with a mall spot.
  4. You've got a few options, since you fall into one of the weird gray areas: If you want to reopen your shop in the shop district, we can return it to you there and you can stay (we're not kicking out any current level 5's). HOWEVER, we have a lot of people who say they want to reopen their shop and then after we return it they disappear again for another month. So to prevent that, we're asking that you play reasonably regularly for a week before we'll put your shop back in the shop district. It doesn't have to be every day, but at least several days this week, and gain a few hours of AR time. If you want to open a mall shop, we will move your old shop near your base and you can demolish it now, and set up your mall shop after you've been around for a week. If you don't want to run a shop anymore, we'll move your shop near your base and you can demolish it and get your materials back.
  5. We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as we've undergone the process of downsizing the Shop District. There were a couple of reasons why we did this: the current warp had become so big that it was becoming very difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for the number of shops and entities was causing a lot of client side lag for some players Our solution to fixing this problem is two-fold. First, we simply had to reduce the overall size of the Shop District. That process is still ongoing as we move shops from the outer edges of the warp closer to the center, and we will be removing a few more plots from the warp once that's done. We will also be instituting some new changes to the shop warp, which I'll list further below. The second part of the solution is to open up a second new shopping area, away from the current warp. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Quartz Island Mall. You will be able to warp to it from the Shop District, Shop Sub-hub at spawn, or Warp Hub (the sign is under the current /warp shops sign). Quartz Island Mall Gallery of mall images with more details: https://imgur.com/a/352Hs The mall features over 40 potential shops, with ample room for design and storage. It also is easier to navigate (only four directions to choose from!), and will be easier to find what you're looking for using centrally located signs to advertise shop wares. Shops can be altered by their owner, and you can design your interior and storefront to attract customers and show off your building skills. Shop spaces are 13x13 square, with an upper level and lower level that together are 24 blocks tall. You are free to put as many floors within this space as you can comfortably fit. You will not be able to build outside of your own personal shop space, however. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, Mall shops will be available to players Level 5 and up, and will cost a one time fee of 5 diamond blocks. If you currently are a shop owner at the Shop District and would prefer to move to the mall, you may do so free of charge starting TODAY! From Oct. 22-28 we will be offering first pick of locations to current shop owners who are interested in moving. Due to the smaller size of mall shops, and the fact that they are interior spaces, we will not be able to world edit an existing shop into the mall space. You will need to design and build your new shop and remove your old shop before we will give you new shopkeepers. If you would like to move to the mall, please contact a moderator so we can assist you with setting up your new mall shop. (Note: you may not have BOTH a mall shop and a shop district shop, except during this interim transition period. We will delete the shopkeepers at your old shop before giving you new ones at the mall.) There is no penalty if you choose to stay at Shop District. At this time, if you would like to move plot numbers within shop warp to an empty one that's closer to center, you can request that as well. Changes to current Shop District We know that some of you would prefer more space, and more freedom of design than the mall will allow. For these players, shops will still be available at the Shop District, but to reflect the larger space and design freedom, we will be raising the price and level requirements for a plot accordingly. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, shop plots will be available for Level 7 and up players at a price of 10 diamond blocks. There will be NO extra charge for current shop owners who prefer to stay where they are, even if they are under the level requirement. Stalls will remain available at the Shop District Shopping Center for lower level players. Quick Reference: Stalls vs Mall shops vs Shop Warp Stall Level 1+ Cost: 9 Diamonds (Does not need mod assistance to purchase) 1 Shop Sign and 1 chest No customization available Located in shopping center building at Shop District Mall Level 5+ Cost: 5 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 13x13 horizontal space, 24 block high vertical space. Shop interior and shop front fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Shop Sign at center of mall may list some items available at your shop for advertising purposes. Limit to one sign per shop, must be mod placed. Located off shore at Quartz Island, reachable via /Warp Hub and the Shop Sub hub at /Spawn Shop District Level 7+ Cost: 10 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 17x17 horizontal space. Above ground may build to 30 block height limit. Below ground to bedrock layer. Shop interior and exterior fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Reachable via /Warp Hub and Shop sub hub at /Spawn Some rules will remain in effect regardless of what kind of shop you have: No beacons allowed at Shop District, or in mall shops (other than the ones already provided). Players must keep their shops well stocked. Players who do not will receive emails periodically to remind them to restock their shops or face eviction. Players who are inactive for more than 30 days will be evicted. Your shop or stall will be removed to a safe space and the plot will be opened up for another player to purchase. If you return after that and would like to reopen your shop you must remain an active player for at least a week. After that we will move your shop back to the mall or shop warp (depending on where it came from) at no charge, into whatever space is available at that time. We cannot guarantee the same shop location as before. Shops may not be kept "under construction" indefinitely. You will have at least a week to design and build your shop, and ask for shopkeepers. If you do not complete your build or renovation within a week, we may evict your shop. (Though we'll do our best to remind you to finish first.) Please note: If there comes a time when we reach capacity for both the Mall and the Shop Warp, we will consider opening up either another mall, or another shop warp in a different location. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here!
  6. As I recall you were using multiple different hacks -- all of them banned on our server, of course. What I want to know is what specific lesson you've learned, and do you actually understand why using a hacked client is banned on our server?
  7. As I recall, Harrysam, when you played the first time you struggled to communicate with staff via chat. We would try to talk to you to tell you not to do things (over and over again), and the message we usually got was from Keanu, saying that you couldn't use chat, couldn't see chat, or you were "too young to understand." You say you've matured, but Keanu still is attempting to explain things for you. I'm concerned that this might still be a problem.
  8. I'm not positive all your facts are straight up there -- our server logs say you were banned under the name Septex, and I'm pretty sure when I finally banned you it was on SMP not vanilla, but ... it was a year ago, so I'll make allowances for memory fuzziness on both of our parts. According to our ban logs, you've been banned a total of 8 times on our server. That's ... pretty impressive of a record. Some of those were for spamming, some for extreme farm abuse, and of course there's the hacking. With that kind of track record you can see why we'd be hesitant to want to give you a ninth chance. So let me ask you a few questions, to see if you've learned honesty at least: I'm assuming after you left our server, you found others to play on. How many server bans have you gotten since leaving us, from other servers? How long ago was your most recent server ban from another server? What was it for? Please note: Honesty counts for a lot with me. I'd rather you tell the truth than make up pretty answers that make you look good.
  9. Please double check that your ban appeal meets the format.
  10. It's not so much that you didn't follow the format, it's that this part of your appeal leaves a little to be desired: 3) Why should you be unbanned? You said: This is not really a good reason for us to unban you. We don't unban people just because that's what they want us to do, or because they might bring their friends to the server. We unban people because they're really genuinely sorry for screwing up, because they promise not to do it again, because they admit they were wrong and would like a second chance ... stuff like that. Now, you said some pretty awful things. Really awful, tbh. I'm fairly certain you meant them when you said them, which makes me think you're probably not all that sorry you said them -- only that you got in trouble for it. So ... why should we let you back ?
  11. You say this, but you had time to respond to Crazei on Discord on one of the general chats, and also to send your apology, in the time before we banned you. According to multiple people we talked to about this situation, this is not the same version of what went on. The girl in question has never reported (and denies) that this person was in any way harassing her or contacting her without her consent. Also, how do you know he lied about "self harm" etc? He is as likely to be telling the truth about those things as you are to be telling the truth about your brother passing. I'm not saying either story isn't true, but unless you have concrete evidence that he was lying, you're making an awful lot of assumptions. And snapchat isn't connected with our server, so no, it's not bound by the same rules as our discord channel which IS linked with our server. The logs in question were not a conversation between you and her, for clarifications sake. They were between her and another person, in which she stated multiple times that she told you to calm down and ignore him, and not to threaten him. When we interviewed her, she also stated this was the case, and others have confirmed the same story from her during the time period in which it was occurring. In addition, we have logs of Loubeedoo telling you that you needed to leave him alone and telling you that harassing him was not the way to go -- you clearly chose to ignore that warning, since your second threat to him came less than two days after that. This is not how normal, rational people deal with a situation like this. If you love and care for someone, this is not how you behave. This is how stalkers and abusive partners behave. I am sorry to hear of your brother's loss, but we already knew of it. Grief is an awful feeling, but it is not a license or an excuse (which you seem intent on trying to make it into one) for what you've said and done. How would your family feel to know you're using your brother's death as an excuse to threaten to kill other people? You clearly are dealing with some pretty heavy issues. We are not forbidding you from talking to your friends on other social media accounts, but you are no longer welcome here. And again, I would sincerely advise you to seek professional help for your anger issues if this is what they lead you to do.
  12. Hello Synchh, I'm going to address this to you as clearly as I can, because I want you to understand the absolute seriousness of what you did and why you are being banned for it. First, yes, you did this within the last week, with at least one major infraction on the 5th (six days ago), and one again on the 9th (three days ago) after you had been spoken to by Loubeedoo on the 7th. Your apology, as best I can tell, occurred today, which is FAR too late for something like this. It's taken us some time to investigate what was going on, and you were messaged yesterday but never responded to it, despite having the time and opportunity to do so; hence we had no other choice but to go ahead and ban you before speaking to you. Second, it is clear that the REASON you lashed out was because you were jealous and angry because a guy happened to talk to a girl that you like. You do not own her. She is not YOURS in any way shape or form. Even if you were dating her, that would not give you the right to treat her the way you have. Your message on the 9th makes it clear you think of her as your territory -- she is NOT. She is a person, and I know for a fact she can stand up for herself. She can also choose her own friends and is free to speak to those friends on our discord server as often and in whatever way she chooses. She has nothing against the person you threatened, has in fact (by both her admission and logs we found while investigating this matter) warned you to leave him alone repeatedly. You chose to ignore her wishes, and threatened another person with bodily harm should they speak to her again. This is not your right, you are not protecting her by doing this, and we're extremely concerned over the way you are fixating on her and acting territorial around her. This is the kind of dangerous behavior we have to watch out for on our servers, and we take it extremely seriously. (And for the record, the Diversity Discord channel IS part of our servers and operates under the same basic rules as the server. Breaking the rule on one can and will get you banned on the other. We also have copies of your in game chat logs and private messages, in which you discussed this situation and were warned to desist.) Third, lots of people get angry. Some people get angry and sulk. Some people get angry and take that anger out in healthy ways. Some people get angry and lash out -- throwing things, getting violent, and making death threats. You are the third kind and that is NOT okay. At all. We have to take death threats seriously, especially when they are as specific as the ones you made. Not only was it a major violation of Diversity's rules, you are also in violation of Discord TOS and we could (and probably SHOULD) report you for it, which can result, if they find you are in violation, with your Discord account being permanently revoked. Also, regardless of the fact that you are in the UK, Discord is governed by the laws of the US and the state of California specifically, and since the person you were threatening is a US citizen, you can be reported to the FBI for the threats you made, which are classed as a felony here. In the UK, your actions are a violation of the Protection from Harassment Act, and you can be prosecuted either in the criminal courts for your actions, or have action taken against you in a civil court. Let that sink in for a moment. In a fit of anger and jealousy over a relationship that appears to exist primarily in your own head, you lashed out at someone and committed a felony crime. We're not talking about an out of control joke, or a little swearing. We're talking about REPEATED death threats, made over a period of several days. This was not a one time tantrum, but a continuous and ongoing problem. Let me reiterate: this is NOT okay. Not on our server. Not in real life. Not in game. Not on discord or minecraft or any other social media service you may use. Nearly all of them prevent the uses of their services to harass and threaten other people, and they can send real life cops to come and talk to you. We aren't going to let this slide, or treat it like the joke or minor incident you seem to think it is, because it isn't a minor incident, and you can apologize as much as you like but you cannot erase what it is you said and did. If you continue to contact the person you threatened, we will report you to whichever service it is you use to do so. And if you escalate in any way, we will urge this person to contact the proper authorities. We will not be unbanning you. You say you're a better person than this, that you're not the "kind of person to be making those kinds of threats" despite the fact that you have proven that you are actually exactly the kind of person who makes those kinds of threats. You want to prove you're the nice guy you say you are, then take this opportunity to reevaluate your behavior and seek some help for your anger issues.
  13. After much deliberation and thought, we've decided to give you another chance. However, please understand that this last chance (and I do mean last) is contingent on you following our rules. I'm also going to set out a few additional rules for you, just to clarify a few things. Posting song lyrics that contain the n-word = not okay. We don't allow people to use that word in casual conversation and we won't allow it as part of quoting song lyrics, even if you *** out some of the letters. Our players aren't dumb, they know what that means. Regardless of your personal feelings on the subject, please refrain from referring to ANYONE, but especially female players, as bitches, hoes, sluts, etc. No commentary on female body parts in public chat either. Some people can handle it, you have not proven to be one of those people -- it'd be best if you kept yourself out of any such conversations, or take them to /msg if you're going to joke with your friends. Remember that we have players on our server from all over the world, and any edgy jokes about race are not likely to go over well. No racist jokes. Period. If a staff member asks you to cool it, or gives you a warning that you're treading into a conversation that you shouldn't -- remember that we're giving you the option of shutting up and not getting yourself banned. Take the out, change topics to something game related, or find something else to discuss. We don't warn you just so we can immediately ban you -- we're giving you the option to prove you're trying to change and be better. That said -- if you don't heed staff warnings, and you don't make an effort to change for the better, we will ban you again permanently. I'd like to hope that your attitude here is genuinely remorseful, and you will try to remain as mature as you've shown yourself to be here.
  14. Update, since you're being patient: Staff are still discussing your ban appeal. Thus far only one staff member has been willing to advocate for your return, and quite a few are definitively against it. Some are undecided. Unfortunately, your past actions have cast some of your appeal in an unfavorable light. There is some concern that you talk a good game here, when you're trying to get unbanned, but that if you returned to the server and no staff were around to watch you, or if you were told in chat that you were treading on thin ice, that your reaction would be as it was in the past -- to continue to argue and cause problems. The name change, in my personal opinion, does go some way toward showing you're in earnest about changing. Did you pick those three characters for any specific reason?
  15. First, the statement "fu thedroppedsoap" is not inherently "gay" -- certainly not in the way you're implying. It is, however, in violation of our rules and shouldn't have been said. Second, your choice of response to that comes across not as a statement of "oh, that thing you said implies homosexual interest" and instead comes across as an "fu, too." Which is an insult. Which means you used "gay" as an insult. And that's all the semantics I really want to go into on that. Second, no, you didn't apologize. Here's what you DID say when your ban for that incident was up: Apr 1, 17, 3:46:00pm TheDroppedSoap Chat AYEE Apr 1, 17, 3:46:28pm TheDroppedSoap Chat im fuckin back Apr 1, 17, 3:46:54pm TheDroppedSoap Chat aboose! Apr 1, 17, 3:46:55pm TheDroppedSoap Chat Apr 1, 17, 3:47:38pm TheDroppedSoap Chat fuck man this lag right now idk why its so bad (you go on to complain about the lag some more, then:) Apr 1, 17, 3:53:39pm TheDroppedSoap Chat i don't even remember what i was doing before i got banned Apr 1, 17, 3:53:51pm TheDroppedSoap Chat i was looking for something but i forget what it was Apr 1, 17, 3:54:03pm TheDroppedSoap Chat Cause im a dick Apr 1, 17, 3:54:29pm TheDroppedSoap Chat Basicly it was because for the 2nd or 3rd time i was arguing with staff There's not a single apology in there. Example: Mar 18, 17, 10:51:52pm TheDroppedSoap Trulyy Mar 18, 17, 10:52:04pm TheDroppedSoap Your character has such a small shirtcause you have no tits <3 Mar 18, 17, 10:52:19pm TheDroppedSoap Pics or it didnt happen Mar 18, 17, 10:52:28pm TheDroppedSoap pms Mar 18, 17, 10:52:31pm TheDroppedSoap rn Mar 18, 17, 10:52:41pm TheDroppedSoap Boi i will Mar 18, 17, 10:53:02pm TheDroppedSoap Lemme hit it from behind doe Mar 18, 17, 10:53:22pm TheDroppedSoap Bec spent to much time around us Mar 18, 17, 10:53:32pm TheDroppedSoap after i get dat ig Mar 18, 17, 10:53:51pm TheDroppedSoap kinky Mar 18, 17, 10:55:20pm TheDroppedSoap But she wants mine Mar 18, 17, 10:55:24pm TheDroppedSoap its like a horse Mar 18, 17, 10:55:36pm TheDroppedSoap bec neither are glitching out Mar 18, 17, 10:56:37pm TheDroppedSoap Menage a trios? Mar 18, 17, 10:56:53pm TheDroppedSoap ew not with the dog Mar 18, 17, 10:57:15pm TheDroppedSoap Horn me harder Mar 18, 17, 10:57:31pm TheDroppedSoap i stripped down for you Example (not aimed at one of your female friends, but also SO not appropriate for chat and indicative of how you talk about women) : Mar 20, 17, 8:13:56pmTheDroppedSoap Paolo all my teachers hate me Mar 20, 17, 8:14:15pmTheDroppedSoap i get in trouble cause i argue with my teachers Mar 20, 17, 8:14:21pmTheDroppedSoap And make them the fool of the class Mar 20, 17, 8:14:40pmTheDroppedSoap rip Mar 20, 17, 8:16:05pmTheDroppedSoapi've never accidentaly touchd my friends boob Mar 20, 17, 8:16:21pmTheDroppedSoapPuppet im a guy too Mar 20, 17, 8:16:29pmTheDroppedSoapi've done it intentionally Mar 20, 17, 8:16:51pmTheDroppedSoapi can get away with it Mar 20, 17, 8:17:21pmTheDroppedSoapWhen i don't mean to that's when i get that evil grin like she enjoyed it Mar 20, 17, 8:18:57pmTheDroppedSoapwtf swag Mar 20, 17, 8:19:01pmTheDroppedSoapxD Mar 20, 17, 8:19:34pmTheDroppedSoapIDK what you kids consider tits... Mar 20, 17, 8:19:53pmTheDroppedSoapfuckin b cup "i got tits" Mar 20, 17, 8:20:10pmTheDroppedSoapBlank___ half of them talking are fucking 12 Mar 20, 17, 8:20:31pmTheDroppedSoapSwag cause its how it works Mar 20, 17, 8:21:06pmTheDroppedSoapYou aint eva seen tits till Highschool my friend Mar 20, 17, 8:21:37pmTheDroppedSoapHighschool is where are the fine chcisk are at Mar 20, 17, 8:21:46pmTheDroppedSoapYou just gotta know how to slide Mar 20, 17, 8:22:02pmTheDroppedSoapUjurak is right Mar 20, 17, 8:22:27pmTheDroppedSoapthe fucking delivery room Mar 20, 17, 8:22:34pmTheDroppedSoapNo Ujurak i prefer the dead fetus' Most of your "jokes" are aimed at bec and trulyy, and I didn't pull any logs from your private messages, as it's your public behavior that is in question. You weren't forced to change it because we were trying to give you the option to be a decent person. This was your response: Mar 27, 17, 9:20:49pm TheDroppedSoap Im back bitches Mar 27, 17, 9:21:50pm TheDroppedSoap wow.... people on this server are a little to sensitive Mar 27, 17, 9:22:15pm TheDroppedSoap B0ss im being told by staff to change my name because its offensive Mar 27, 17, 9:22:31pm TheDroppedSoap cause it references prison rape Mar 27, 17, 9:22:54pm TheDroppedSoap So people are getting offended and im being asked to change it, im not going to but im being asked Mar 27, 17, 9:23:16pm TheDroppedSoap No, im not changing it at all Mar 27, 17, 9:23:34pm TheDroppedSoap Pass Mar 27, 17, 9:23:42pm TheDroppedSoap That's fine by me Mar 27, 17, 9:24:27pm TheDroppedSoap especially because its clearly a joke Mar 27, 17, 9:24:35pm TheDroppedSoap And that its not how prison rape actually happens Mar 27, 17, 9:27:42pm TheDroppedSoap " Hey. we've recieved a complain about your name, because it references prison rape. Would you be alright with changing your ign to something different? thanks" From Bucky3 Mar 27, 17, 9:27:47pm TheDroppedSoap thats the message i got Mar 27, 17, 9:27:59pm TheDroppedSoap I should just respond "no im not alright with changing it" Mar 27, 17, 9:28:36pm TheDroppedSoap i know Mar 27, 17, 9:28:40pm TheDroppedSoap that's what i said Mar 27, 17, 9:29:05pm TheDroppedSoap i wasnt i just found it funny Mar 27, 17, 9:29:31pm TheDroppedSoap Out of all the servers ive been on this is the first its offeneded somebody Mar 27, 17, 9:29:48pm TheDroppedSoap Pass don't say that Mar 27, 17, 9:30:12pm TheDroppedSoap i got muted 3 hours cause i said "can't call a server diversity then ban people for opinions should call it censorship" Mar 27, 17, 9:30:33pm TheDroppedSoap i can't remeber what i said but it was an opinion and someone got mad Mar 27, 17, 9:31:55pm TheDroppedSoap Bucky when i said it all i said was the opinon Mar 27, 17, 9:32:08pm TheDroppedSoap Then i was threatened to be banned then i said that and got muted Mar 27, 17, 9:32:28pm TheDroppedSoap Im not gonna last very long on this server Mar 27, 17, 9:32:34pm TheDroppedSoap The staff hate me Mar 27, 17, 9:32:58pm TheDroppedSoap Impling they do Mar 27, 17, 9:33:27pm TheDroppedSoap Bucky cause im a dick Mar 27, 17, 9:34:00pm TheDroppedSoap I never said i don't have friends and i never said it bothered me Mar 27, 17, 9:34:12pm TheDroppedSoap i was laughing about it, it doesnt really bother me Prison rape may not bother you, may be funny to you, but it's not a joking matter for inmates, or for people on our server who might be the families of inmates. Rape of any sort isn't really funny. Ever. We gave you the option instead of just straight up changing it for you since you didn't seem to be a troll and we wanted to see whether or not other people's feeling mattered to you. Clearly they don't. Also more bragging/joking about being banned here. You've not been trying very hard. You've never actually apologized for anything in game, you've had multiple chances and warnings in the last month and yet you've still racked up an impressive number of infractions from MULTIPLE staff members. However your appeal shows you're capable of some level of maturity, if not self-awareness. I'll allow other staff to look at this and your chat logs and give some input. Be patient, as this might take a day or two.
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