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  1. Friend: What's your favorite way to play Minecraft?


  2. As it draws to a close, I hope everyone who celebrates had a Merry Christmas. Reflecting back on the year, it was a good one overall, at least it was for me. I had horrible moments, but everything worked out fine and I thank God for every moment, the good and bad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

  3. TPS_Platinum

    Building my friend a computer for Christmas

    Wanna hear something that makes this thread pointless? He told me he doesn't want a computer, so I got him a football jersey instead.
  4. TPS_Platinum

    Building my friend a computer for Christmas

    That exactly why I plan to buy a refurbished system to work with.
  5. TPS_Platinum

    Building my friend a computer for Christmas

    I think my strategy to get him a good computer for a good price is probably to buy a pre-built computer and upgrade the graphics card and ram. Any suggestions?
  6. So I'm planning to build my best friend a computer for Christmas. My budget is about $300 not including the OS. He's most likely gonna use it for gaming and YouTube, so it doesn't have to be bleeding edge(Not that I can make a bleeding edge rig for $300 :P)).
  7. For anyone curious, I'm going from a GTX 980ti to a GTX 1060. I'm also gonna have 64 gigs of RAM.

    1. handwriting


      from a 980ti to a 1060 is a big downgrade lol

    2. TPS_Platinum


      ... At least I have 64 gigs of DDR4 RAM. Eh hehehe...

  8. Well, innital impressions is that it might be a problem with the graphics card. I'm hoping that's what it is so it gives me an excuse to buy the new card I'm looking at.

    1. TPS_Platinum


      Update: It was a problem with the graphics card. I ordered a new one and also took the opportunity to get a couple more 16GB memory sticks to max out the RAM.

  9. My computer is acting up. ;-;

    I'm gonna take it to a shop to have it looked at. I hope it's nothing serious. I think it knows I was looking at new parts to upgrade it.

  10. TPS_Platinum

    Schematica Banned?

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have Schematica. I love that mod. Although I do have to say the printer function IS still cheating. Because of that, I agree it should be banned.


  12. Thumbnail designs like this seem to be more common than I originally thought on the Google play store. There's a notification bubble IN the thumbnail art.


    1. AdventureNarwhal


      Lol that’s pretty ridiculous 

  13. TPS_Platinum

    Pizza Poll

  14. After Tuesday, even the week days, "WTF".

  15. TPS_Platinum

    Pizza Poll

    I'm just curious.

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