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  1. FOUND!

    You know the Mods can look through records to see whose it is, right?
  2. What is your most precious belonging?

    On the server, my player head collection.
  3. Machine of Death

    I'm going to be realistic, and site my family history, and say heart attack.
  4. Warp Request for Castle Lychgate

    Looks good. I like it
  5. Is it me or does it seem like activity on the forums has slowed?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Turbotailz
    3. TheFatDrummer_GR


      We should name the forum "The Sound Of Silence" 



    4. Lucifer


      11 days later...

       Dunno what you're talkin' 'bout.

  6. Supporter Perk Suggestions

    I don't mean to revive this If it's dead, but I found this.
  7. SS Ship of DOOM

    Dude, that boat is one of the best builds Diversity has ever seen. I doubt anyone could ever top it. No build could ever match the craftsmanship of that truly breathtaking boat.
  8. Thread of Puns

    you may have sparked a new line of puns. I just got a sudden jolt of inspiration. I promise you the end result will be very shocking. Guess I better bolt before Knight kills me.
  9. Heads updating

    I have the same problem with my heads swapping between my normal skin and my red ghoul skin.
  10. Avalonian Community Rocket Chest

    It was a joke
  11. The Solar Eclipse

    Oh my Lord, this is a great picture.
  12. Thread of Puns

    There ya go!
  13. Avalonian Community Rocket Chest

    I don't always use rockets to fly. But when I do, I prefer tier 3. Stay lifted my friends.
  14. End Bridge

    Well I do own the claim for Avalon
  15. Thread of Puns

    Knight you were gravely mistaken if you thought this was dead.