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  1. You've been visited by Walrus, pls send fish. pls


  2. LaserElite

    Logo Competition - Voting Time!

    Purty colours <3
  3. LaserElite

    Jazz's Belated AMA

    You should know I have a popsicle for you! It's there, in the freezer, I promise
  4. LaserElite

    Two's AMA

    Why aren't you fluent in the language dogs speak? Woof woof
  5. LaserElite

    Jazz's Belated AMA

    Do you have a popsicle for me almost all times in case if an emergency? Love ya!
  6. LaserElite

    Walrus, Wally, Wal, who be me? Ask you!

    Which do you like better cooked or raw fish?
  7. LaserElite

    Monthly Update: August 2016 - New Helpers Edition

    Congrats to the new helpers! They all deserve it!
  8. LaserElite

    What Holiday Shouldn't Be a Holiday?!

    August 7th is Friend Day, I think that should be more recognized.
  9. LaserElite

    Monthly Update: July 2016 - Half-Year Edition

    Congratulations to all the new mods!
  10. LaserElite

    Stuff and Things About Me

    Rick Rolls, that's awesome.
  11. May you have the happiest of Birthdays!

  12. ??Happy birthday to me, and @Endlesssnow and @hboss! ??

  13. LaserElite

    Happy 13th Birthday Jazz!

    OMG Happy Birthday Teenage Jazz!!! No more babyy Jazz . This was totally fun, though I missed most of it lol!
  14. Tank chu for following me <3



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