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  1. Well, I believe the act of getting on top of the Nether to be more of a glitch than a cheat. Because if you think about it, Mojang has placed bedrock as the roof of the nether to prevent players getting above it. The only reason why we can get onto of the nether is by conducting glitches. Eg The Enderpearl method is a block glitch, And the old method of growing the trees is also a glitch because it wasn't a intended feature. Also on the topic of Gold farms. I don't think The Server will like a gold farm, I currently Have a Very Efficient gold farm on SMP that will lag the crap out of the server, So if we were to build a gold farm above the roof of the nether it will make the server lag even more because the farms above the nether are Usually More efficient than the one in the overworld.
  2. So @MutleyThe Real question here is, Can I join your town?
  3. I'll pay 40 diamond blocks(How it sits), If you renovate ill pay 50 diamond blocks Or another option is ill pay 40 diamond blocks and if I do the "Wooden House Build thingy" you will do the renovations
  4. Im pretty sure you can disable it on server config
  5. Hey There Everyone, I have a idea/Question Idea Can we Allow Schematica in Creative so we can get the Builds we do and then place them in a singleplayer world. If the Admins/Mods Allow it on Creative could we us it on SMP But Disable Print. Question am I allowed to world download My plot so I can copy builds from there onto SMP\ -Chaise {Insert Meme Here}
  6. Hey Dude,My Ign Is ChaiseRocks And Good Luck To Everyone.
  7. My Opinion is Yes It should clock over Butttttttttttttttt you should be able to self toggle it.Or you could make it that if they haven't moved a block in 5 minutes or so it Puts them ASK
  8. Does it have BetterClay Colours ?
  9. ChaiseRocks

    New kits!

    Could you make a Logger kit which gives you logs.Or a Terrafromer kit which gives you matrials for terraforming
  10. ChaiseRocks

    New kits!

    Nice They Sound awesome. BTW For so reason it doesn't Let me log in on Diversity(Example RN) What would cause that?
  11. ChaiseRocks

    New kits!

    Are These in Effect? If Not When Will They be?
  12. Hello, So at about 8 PM (Australian) I went into The Neather and I glitched in side of a block And I lost a Max Set of amour and Max Set of tools as well DUE TO A GLITCH. Your Probably thinking "Oh Chaise Just use /Back" But when I did /back it just said Your not allowed to use this.So Admins Could you roll my inventory back about just before I died Because I raged for about 10-30 minutes afterwards -Sincerely Chaise/ChaiseRocks
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