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  1. Updated to permaban and this thread is now locked. We're done with this now.
  2. I've decided to give you a second chance. Although your signs were very disgusting, I'm permitting you back to a 3 day ban along with your friend, Arct1cYet1. Heedies, however, will not be joining this server again. Let me remind you that you will be closely watched from now on, and that you should give the rules a read through a few more times. This behavior isn't tolerated and we won't hesitate to get rid of you if this continues on. I don't need to hear about you and arctic's beliefs. This is your last chance to be mature. Hopefully you grow from this and we won't have to meet like this again. Also, i'm a female. Thanks x
  3. After talking with the other staff members, we've decided to reduce your ban to 3 days. I understand your viewpoint, however, you were apart of this group and were also spam AFKing. Maybe after a few days cool down and another read through of the rules, you'll understand what we expect in the future.
  4. Will you also admit to the other racist signs you placed? Including ones about an "HIV House" and a restricted area with no colored people allowed? Because the logs show every sign you have placed. You and your other friends were also spamming AFK multiple times, which is against the rules. All of these things lead me to believe that you aren't understanding our rules clear enough to be permitted back on the server.
  5. I'll talk with the other staff members about this, however, I do have logs of you placing the sign that I mentioned above. If we do end up accepting you back, do understand that none of this behavior is tolerated and discrimination, as you can see, can be resulted immediately in expulsion.
  6. Also, considering I never even mentioned the cemetery to either of you, if neither of you knew about it, how did you know why you were banned?
  7. Not only was this cemetery in PLAIN SIGHT that not only could I see it but anyone that walked near or around the property could see it, but it was on the land that you guys were standing in. You guys were also being trouble makers, as told to me by the other staff.
  8. That's interesting! I also found a book that was written by Heedies in the house that you guys were in and out of that was joking about Autism as well as a sign that said the word "Gay" on it 4 times. Are you sure that you guys didn't have any input in this?
  9. IGN: Whatevahhh discord: whatevahhh ♡#1296 i love love LOVE home made things! anything that you put a lot of thought and effort in is great :) i also love flowers
  10. Hello everyone! In our upcoming edition of Diversity News, we want to include people from the community! Everyone has different jobs and different ways of life, and we want to learn a little bit about you and your job! School is returning and the kids are getting out of the house! As fun as it sounds for you, you realize your own summer break is over. Here, you can tell us a little about yourself and your job, and we'll message you ASAP to learn more so that you can be in our next edition of our Newspaper! Click the poll below, and fill out what we need to know https://goo.gl/forms/pNbimIMX0i7ZFMJo1 If you have any questions, contact us at diversitymcnews@gmail.com ! We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! ~Diversity News Crew
  11. oh my gosh what color is it because i have one too! its blue!
  12. Unbanned, sorry for the misunderstanding, i'll make sure to put a note in case things like that happen again but hopefully your cousin learned their lesson and won't need to be banned again. Also, please use the ban forum next time
  13. Happy New Year everyone! The event we held was such a fun, creative one and had a total of 25 builders! Out of alll the builders, we picked our top 3! These people are.... 1ST PLACE: @nickothebuilder 2ND PLACE: @DarkMonolith (Darkolythe) 3RD PLACE: _CAMPER Congrats you guys! To all of the competitors, great job! Message Whatevahhh or Snowballer94 if they are online while you are to recieve your very own participation prize! Thank you everyone for competing, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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