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  1. You've been visited by Walrus, pls send fish. pls


  2. Yes but it should be the other way around
  3. i choose all of them 1. uhh cookie flavor? 2. 13 14 in april 3. panzer 4. depends on the design but cats bean bag
  4. I had just finished watching cube smp and i wanted a smp server to play on and i searched in google and saw diversity! D obviously because my devotion to popsicles is worth all of that
  5. I totally missed this train but better late than never am I right! So ask away! I'm open to all questions Ps. Fav food is popsicles Pps. Don't test me, yes they do count as food.
  6. I since I suck at making skins... anyone want to make me  a Halloween skin?

    1. Dr_Awesome1001


      Sp00kY SkaRy JAZZBERRYJAM!!!


  7. There is so many people I want to meet. @LaserElite and Lilslh i possibly might be meeting soon but the closets person to me is @Bucky.
  8. bucky, did your name have anything to do with a certain badger?
  9. Ok to make it short and sweet, 1. you tried to get around a mute with an alt so I muted you. 2. You wouldn't listen to the staff which falls under disrespecting and 3. It seems like you need to go back and read the rules before denying that you broke them. You were muted, that is it, have a good day.
  10. You were muted because you simply didn't listen. What happened to your friend was between us and them. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. We told you many, many times to drop it and you still didn't, even with a kick to warn you, you still couldn't drop it. As for the rule breaking you disrespected staff because you wouldn't listen. So next time I recommend to turn your ears and eyes on.
  11. Queen Jazz

    The Dream Trio

    The adventures of Jazz, Dr A, and Laser
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