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  1. Got two more victims :)



    1. KIlkAAAA


      O. that guy on top deserved it! :>

  2. At one point in time I was taking secret photos of people on Diversity.Regan_Michelle.thumb.png.547bebe01d0f3ee6f988354b64182377.pngZoredache.thumb.png.c7bd91a2b57f1790c6a34ea510e75d9b.pngTuff_n_Stuff.png.0e57b3b6f3bb0569664090d355418c55.pngMissStephanie.thumb.png.ee61d707e464e63752e91cc0b1cf428f.pngravenite.png.409b07fe89390ee2eb83c6e2050928b6.png

    1. Dan203


      I have officially founded the next Zore.

    2. Ace


      At least Zore doesn't take photos of his "victims"... I think...

    3. Turbotailz


      He just burps in their ears.

  3. Hi there, I understand you don't want to wait 4 days to continue playing on our server. However, you should have thought about the consequences before breaking our rules. (Those rules being #6: No client hacks, cheating or server exploits and #11: Do not circumvent a ban by logging in with an alt) Logging in twice with an alt also didn't help your case since we had told you not to in the first ban description. I'm sorry to say but I will not be unbanning you. Please take this time to review our rules: http://diversitysmp.com#rules
  4. Happy happy birthday! Hope you're day is filled with fun! ❤???
  5. To clear up that day, several staff members and players were informing you what your friend had to do to connect to the server yet you refused to listen and continued being quite rude. Nonetheless, we don't see why we can't give you a second chance. We will go ahead and unban you but please take a moment to read our rules again at https://players.diversitysmp.com/wiki/Rules/cur/ -JaiCee
  6. Quite a few people reported you so not everyone knew you were joking. Also trying to join Diversity SMP with an alt when you are already banned is also against the rules. However, you do sound pretty sincere and honest in your ban appeal so I wouldn't mind unbanning you. Please don't let this happen again. If someone is being disrespectful or being a troll in chat it is better to inform us than jumping in with them. I would also recommend going over our rules again before joining. http://diversitysmp.com/#rules
  7. This thing is confusing; I don't know what I'm doing..

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    2. MissStephanie


      Ah okay then <3 *whispers* but I'm your favorite, right?

    3. JaiCee


      *whispers back* Pfft of course!

    4. MissStephanie
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