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  1. woo hoo! Congrats to everybody who won
  2. mostly with. But I don't mind without lyrics if the music is good enough. (Ik this was a question for zore but I too am interested in what you listen to)
  3. Supporter Perk Suggestions

    I know a lot of people who keep shulker boxes in their enderchest maybe this will be cool to add just in case they're not in their own claim and aren't able to open it there.
  4. Heads updating

    Hello, uhh I'm not really sure if this is possible.. but is there anyway to delete the "data" ( don't know if thats the right term ) of my skin? Or is there any other way to stop my heads from updating? I talked to @Knightman about him collecting all of his heads and destroying them so it'll be removed from the server. Not sure if it worked for him but yeah. Thanks in advance
  5. New Mods?!

    Woo hooo! Well deserved Congrats to you two!!
  6. Hello, I'm Sin.

    hii welcome back
  7. @Zoredache can pull off anything


    1. Ash


      also: creds to Fqiry for making him this skin haha

    2. Mutley


      67 FPS, not bad :)

  8. team work makes the dream work lol2017-08-05_16_32_07.thumb.png.f50eeec79017d9a733ea662b1aeeac7d.png

  9. A short form for modded smp

    Yess thank you Also here's some of what people think about a modded server I personally just want furniture. You would have more to build Which I don't think would require a beefy computer.
  10. Modded SMP?

    So is going to another Anarchy PVP server rather than asking Diversity to spend their time making one and bringing all of the toxic kids here.
  11. Modded SMP?

    Yes wither I'm aware of that... but it's not the same as having others see what you're seeing too.
  12. Modded SMP?

    Good point there. I just thought a poll would be easier on everybody. and gathering that kind of information takes a while.. any idea on how I should do it?
  13. Anarchy Server Ideas!

    You're not getting my point. The whole point of this server thing is to mainly find bases (like you said), which could be underneath (or in the sky) and steal the items there. I'm going to assume PVP would be enabled anytime as well.. Those things would ENCOURAGE people from those actual anarchy servers and think "Oh hey I can use hacks here" or even if they do know it's not allowed, they would still use hacks bc of needing to find bases and raiding. Which would require more staff work. Also, what was the point of explaining to me about Anarchy servers allowing hacks if you're not even going to allow it. Exactly. You say that 2b2t is toxic.. I don't want those people attracted to Diversity and making it toxic too. You still need money for the server btw.. we barely reach our goal per month. We were just lucky this month.
  14. Anarchy Server Ideas!

    Yeah.. I don't think Diversity isn't ever going to allow something like that. You know how strict they are with hackers. People might switch over to the SMP and use those hacks. Of course.. why would the staff force you to play on a server. and they can't just pop up a server like that. Takes a lot of time and more money to run servers. Just go to that 2b2t server you're talking about
  15. Modded SMP?

    eh? 14 people