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  1. Ash

    I'm Back!!

    Hii welcome back!!
  2. Ash

    Music Thread

    hueheuheuhueheheuhee okay Although these links don't show all of the songs in the playlist (unless you have an account) here is some of my favorite playlists/artists. (edit you actually can if you click on "Play on TIDAL" so I just now updated the links if you want to view the songs) REWIND (pop throwbacks) Rap Reggae (favorite genre combo) Old, 70s dance Stevie Wonder Essentials (he has such a soothing voice omg) a couple more of my favorite would have to be Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé/Destiny's Child Soft Rock? for road trips There's of course more than this, but these are definitely the playlists I listen to the most. As for the Beyoncé part: Favorite Music Video from her would be Grown Woman. It's very upbeat, positive and it shows she's been at this since she was a child and the iconic choreography for the single ladies music video, my gooooodnesss Favorite Album from her from most listened songs in each album to I'll listen to it every once in a while is: Lemonade, Self Titled, B'DAY, 4, I Am...Sasha Fierce, and Dangerously In Love AND last but not least, my favorite moment in Coachella next to her change of Love On Top is the EVERYBODY MAD choreo like what the fuck?? okay I'm done
  3. Ash

    Bucky's Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  4. oh jeez, really hard to choose one favorite movie. But the first thing to come to mind: A kid who seems to get away with everything skips school before graduating along with 2 other people Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  5. decorative heads like apples, cakes, etc.—emeralds, gold, enchanted books edit: oooh and maybe longer AFK time. Of course not permanently, maybe a 2 hour afk time throughout the whole day?
  6. Welcome to Diversity, Zeghra! What is your favorite type of music and food? ;D
  7. She provided a bigger version, but here: https://imgur.com/eWhf5c3 just in case and yeah the number's font is a little weird
  8. ahaha I love it! My unibrow makes it look as if I forced into taking that photo
  9. Yeah, I can see that. The spawn and warp hub spin kinda made me dizzy as well, but I needed something straightforward that shows what the overall spawn/warp hub looked like
  10. can I see some examples of your work? edit: and I did try talking to you about this you just didn't respond lol
  11. I should've asked first, sorry about that. Just wanted give players something to start off. I figured that with people asking about it, and showing where it is, it wouldn't be a problem. But now that I think of it, they could just take all of it. I can remove it and reupload it if it'll cause problems?
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