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  1. *SIGH* 40+ villagers and an iron phoenix laying around just to find out it doesn't work on spigot.


  2. The ability to do this
  3. Cherry/apple heads! for trees
  4. Would making the AFK time (for supporters) to 1 hour be an advantage?
  5. Backwards dumbAsh skin being killed

    Jul-13-2017 21-36-16.gif

  6. are you saying that because Zore removed your supporter after not paying monthly? The whole purpose of adding perks is to help convince MORE people to help the server out with payment.
  7. Hello! I have a few suggestions for perks that we could add to the server for supporters that don't (I think) violates the whole EULA thing. 1. Being able to customize armor stands : Armor Stands Plugin 2. GadgetsMenu (Particles, Hats/emotes, PETS, Morphs, gadgets that do no damage and have cooldowns, and more) here's a video -- 3. QuarkMod Not sure if its possible to add mods to a server or if there is a similar plugin to it.. but being able to wave, facepalm, headbang, etc. would be fun. 4. ChatsFeelings and this is just something extra.. I see lots of people with asterisks and such *place action here* (this kinda relates to the suggestion above) and I thought it would be fun. I think adding more perks will convince more people to buy or keep on supporting the server
  8. Seems that parrots are a really popular thing on the server at the moment( to terracotta and concrete lol) So I'm wondering what you think was the best thing Mojang has ever added (doesn't have to be in 1.12). Also here's a video of parrots dancing on the server woo
  9. Creds to AlexKidAwesome for the awesome fireworks! :D
  10. 3rd! :D Next to Impling & Dan

    "How Did We Get Here" Advancement


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Turbotailz


      What is it for?

    3. Impling


      You have to have all 20 status effects on you at the same time. It's rather challenging since two of the effects only last 10-15 seconds.

    4. Turbotailz


      Ah yeah I remember seeing that one and thinking... "why?"

  11. separate
  12. Hello, so I got this idea from GoodTimesWithScar with his FoolCraft series where you can use the Curse launcher for modpacks (or the Technic Launcher). But if it's too complicated to figure out, we could go with knightman. Based on what he's saying he seems to know a lot about that. We could also start small with mods and add them by players voting on them? Here are some mods that some people could be interested in? : All of these mods here I compatible with 1.7.10 Also, here's the poll It could be vanilla style and I think it'll make building really fun.
  13. What's going on with the server? There's no one on, and it's not letting me log in to both the SMP Server and Hub

    Screenshot at Jun 20 10-20-47.png

    1. KIlkAAAA


      I believe @Zoredache is working on something.

    2. abijuice


      i'm glad it wasn't just a problem i was having.

    3. Lucifer


      Switching from one plugin to another + adjusting things so everything works as it should :) It wasn't meant to be down as long as it was.