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  1. IGN: xXxItzWitherxXx Discord: ItzWitherGaming #3780
  2. Ah! It's that time of year again! Snow, cold weather, and MY BIRTHDAY! HEHEHEH
  3. Well, I just applied. Best of luck to everyone else and i hope I get chosen!
  4. Carterbrowns is just swearing and all that and cussing out players. Just two of the many examples of Carterbrowns cussing out players, and overall being a meanie poopie head.
  5. yo yo Pob. Pick me. My b-day's comin up. ;)))))))
  6. until
    On this day, Let's all Wish Wither a Happy B-Day... I need friends.
  7. Wow. This event was stressing. But hey, I'm not mad that I didn't win. GG everyone!
  8. Just decided to look around the forums and found this thread. Amazing builds! <3
  9. That would be good. You got my vote. If you want my vote. ;-;
  10. I would LOVE to sign up for the Easter Egg hunt! I'll spend all of my time on Friday looking for the eggs!
  11. Age: 13 Level: 5 Rate Builds: I built an base under ground and a castle in single player. Rate redstone: I can't. how Long: A month Minecraft How Long: 4 years Addition: Well, I like MLP and I would love to build a house so, I can build a house using some materials from the show. 1 dia tax: Yes. Hope I get into PonyVille!
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