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  1. Minigames UHC // SURVIVAL GAMES That's right Minigames are back, although they never actually left! Mainly due to to the new intake of Helpers who are more than willing to host these awesome games for you. So, this may raise the question of what's in store for you? Well, with a new schedule of hosts who will be hosting around the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) so that everyone has a chance to play. Here's how everything will work. Hosts: Our hosts are trained to host these minigames, and also have some special commands to open and close the servers. This does n
  2. Congrats to all new helpers. Wishing you luck with all your new duties <3 Also congrats to hard working Bucky, you deserve it
  3. So you walked to your PC, and saw yourself jumping. So you got banned immediately after seeing that your space bar was stuck, which is what I interpret from what you said. So it happens just at that moment you walk over to your pc, you got banned. If not, then you were aware of the issue. However decided to continue before getting banned rather than closing the game, turning of your pc and resolving the problem. Additionally, if you had read the rules, you would know that logging in with an alt is strictly against them. Doing so doesn't help your case at all. Ban appeals aren't a qui
  4. Ah missed this. Welcome to the land of Diversity Stan. You've already left a positive and great lasting impression on me and a lot of other players on the server. Hope to see more of you around <3. One question: Who was the first person you met on this server that you remember
  5. I think we should just straight up add @Loubee1000 to your list
    1. Thunder


      I want this ???

    2. Dan203


      gimme now

    3. KIlkAAAA


      crazy people with their coffee, ew

  6. Hey ZimBeller, I was the moderator who banned you. And although I appreciate your honest response I won't be changing this ban. The ban is 3 days long so I hope you take this time to reflect on what your did and have another look at our rules (https://players.diversitysmp.com/wiki/Rules/cur/). Anti afk-ing is banned as levels are based on playtime. You using this device is effectively unfair on others who have spend long hours on the server working hard to gain levels. I hope you learn your lesson and come back with a clean mind about how we approach rule braking on the server. Take
  7. ?Merry Christmas everyone?

    1. Dan203


      You two Wolfy :D


    2. LoneWolf


      How have I only just seen this ?

      Did you just ask me to fuck you ?

    3. Dan203
  8. It's a shame he probably won't see this, as he hasn't been active on the forums in 19 days ?
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