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  1. I was griefing on a lot of servers. I mean I was like destroying houses with TNT with dispensers and throwing lava and stealing things from many players. It was like something I was doing because I wasn't caring at all for anyone. I wanted more and more things in my chests. Something like raids. I wasn't focused on Minecraft. I was playing Minecraft when I was full bored to play other games such as CSGO or Call Of Duty so I really didn't care about a ban. I took a lot of bans on multiple servers for griefing. Last time I griefed was on Diversity 1 year ago. I have friends that play on Diversity who I told to join the server because they were searching for a good community. They told me to join but I couldn't because of the ban. I want to come back because of this, my friends are back to the server and I will not be alone now. By alone I mean no one close to me like these friends. Of course I understand that whatever I did was wrong but this time it's different and everyone changes. Also I put so much effort in making contact with the staff for my ban appeal. I asked my friends to tell to the server chat to tell the admins to check my ban appeal and I am every day waiting for a staff member to answer me. I just want to come back but this time be the right player in the right place and I don't think that anyone would continue trying so long for an unban if he hasn't changed a bit after 1 year. Thanks for reading.
  2. My first username was "DARKWARRIOR696" and then changed it to "LoudOwl157".Maybe check my first username too? .-.
  3. Did you find the appropriate files yet? .-.
  4. 1) LoudOw157 2)I was banned last year because i was griefing when few people were online on the server.I was stealing from houses that had no claim and sometimes destroy them with flames and lava. 3) I know that i made a huge mistake by destroying these houses that someone made with his time.I would like to play again to this server because i missed it and i promise i will not grief or flame or do anything stupid again.I miss the community so much because everyone was friendly with me especially the admins.Thanks for reading my request !
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