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  1. OMG I SEE A LIGHT! BYE DIVERSITY, I'LL MISS (kind of wont, no offense) YOU ALL!


  2. I'm not dead, but I want to see Harambe... Hmm, does anyone have a gun I can use?

  3. To the person who is reading this, I am sorry I used xray to my advantage. I needed diamonds desperately, so the quickest way possible was to use a resource pack my friend showed me. My friend showed me this resource pack 2 months ago, and I thought I didn't need it. But, as time went by, I used this resource pack to look through redstone contraptions, find out where players are in minigames, and when the time finally came, I used it for diamond digging. I am really sorry that this event has happened, and I miss my friends at diversity so much. I will never use this resource pack ever again to my advantage, for it is the wrong thing to do. I am ashamed of what I have done, because DiversitySMP was an awesome experience, and I don't want to ruin my reputation on this server. Please unban me for whoever is reading this, and if you do, I will be really grateful for your actions.
  4. Guys im so sorry that I got banned for using the resource pack. My friend showed me it and I got really addicted to it. So, in my addiction, I used the texture pack to obtain diamonds. This was the only time I have done it, and the result is not great. I am really sorry guys, please dont think me as a bad person :(

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    2. PartyPob


      Dude! Make an appeal Pronto! We need you 

    3. creeperslayer057


      Make an appeal! Hope you'll be back soon

    4. Hani


      Them Feels :(

  5. If you want weird videos that are entertaining to go anonym00se's channel


  6. @Lix @PartyPob @DumbAsh @Brendank @XiBleedGoldX its the toilet squad


    1. PartyPob


      #NightSquad! xD 

    2. Lix


      I Always Seem To Look In The Wrong Direction As The Camera I Mean Just Look At Me!!! @PartyPob @Dogewaffle

  7. much wow such doge


  8. yo yo yo you need that toilet to poop in, thats how big ur butt is
  9. I have Lucifer's permission to post my side. im really sorry, i let you take some of my stuff but you took 1 of my beacons, and a lot of my diamonds, then you left without a trace! you didnt even build on the plot of land next to me, which wasted a lot of space. this was a misunderstanding, so i forgive you
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