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  1. ASW


    I am feeling exactly the same as you right now.
  2. Sorry, I was referring to my year group. I'm in year 7...
  3. Ahh. Cos some people in my school can do a mile in 6 mins
  4. Same. Also, in UHC I come 3rd place too many times.
  5. I think we have enough staff. Or is that just me?
  6. ASW

    BigZ's Birthday!

    I don't get any attention on my birthdays!
  7. #McWiki is better. Totally free!
  8. ASW

    The Asshole of the World

    Is there a mouth somewhere?
  9. I personally want a reset, but some people have done huge stuff on there.
  10. ASW

    Show off the fails!

    Even I can't manage to do that on purpose.
  11. ASW

    A question of commands

    This is turning into a new idea ?
  12. Bit random but I'm getting into this weird habit of diving into my couch when I'm bored. ¬¬

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