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  1. New Ores

    I'll second that. Having a source of packed ice, podzol, and hardened clay terracotta that didn't require decimating the SMP map would be nice. I always feel bad taking resources from SMP, like "someone might want to build there in the future."
  2. Supporter Perk Suggestions

    For supporter perks you're really looking at cosmetic stuff only. Things like particle effects, being able to use colors in chat, player heads. That sort of thing. Maybe access to normally unobtainable mob heads? Mobs like iron golems, guardians, endermen, blazes, etc. As for how..... I guess things like loot tables specific to supporters or a random head once per day/week or something.
  3. Server Down?

    I seem to have lost the ability to connect to the diversity Minecraft servers. I can ping them from the command line, but Minecraft can't connect. I can't even ping them from within the Minecraft client server list. Did spigot crash or something?
  4. Help Luci buy a new PC

    Heck, when I was working a 1-2TB SSD was out of my budget.
  5. Help Luci buy a new PC

    Some thoughts: Go for 16GB or 32GB of RAM. I have 32GB in my i7 desktop and it is nice. If you have the cash to spare: splurge on a 500 GB SSD. That's what I just put in mine and my wife's laptops. Your boot and load times are going to be super fast. I can reboot any of my SSD computers in under a minute. This one is open to debate: I personally would've gone for an i7 setup. I'm not sure how the i5s are now, but last time I built a PC i7 was the way to go. Get an aftermarket CPU heatsink. The stock ones are not good enough for gaming. Intel processors will run slower when hot to protect the circuitry from burning. Putting a beefy heatsink on there will let it keep going at full speed. Just make sure that it will fit in your case, they can get a little crazy with the size and shape.
  6. Stop Zombie social spawning on Nether Roof

    But does it stop the spawning of the green Zombies? Because the pig zombies and normal ones share the same social spawning code a pig zombie taking damage on Hard mode can spawn a green zombie.
  7. As it turns out: zombies spawned from social spawning don't follow normal rules. Apparently they can spawn on bedrock. This causes a problem as they can't be killed and will eat into the mob cap. Perhaps there is some world guard magic that can be performed to keep them from spawning up there?
  8. Ores Biomes

    I haven't been online in quite a while and the last time I made one (which was a whole year ago) I got an explicit "OK" from staff because it consumed resources rather than produce something from nothing. I'm not challenging the rule, just pointing out my thought process. If the clarification nullifies the approval from way back when: that's fine.
  9. Ores Biomes

    As I have been informed that sand converters are now illegal. Perhaps we should consider the source of red sand: mesas. Most weeks mesas don't appear in ores at all. This just leaves us to decimate the biomes in SMP. A thought might be to make these sorts of biomes like mesas, ice spikes, and mega taiga (all of which produce blocks that are otherwise non-renewable), a bit more common in ores.
  10. Is careful timing considered an exploit?

    Tile entities are still blocks though. I mean entities like minecarts and mobs.
  11. Is careful timing considered an exploit?

    Not sure. But I'm also not sure if it will work either. I did some experiments once and found out that when you turn on AllowClaimExplosions only creepers and player ignited TNT would actually break blocks. Withers and duped TNT will only damage entities.
  12. Oooh new font

    Same here. For reference I am using Google Chrome 64bit Version 56.0.2924.87 on Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1607 Build 14393.693
  13. Worst class in school?

    Back in good ol' Massachusetts public high school: Spanish 3. I had to take it twice because I failed it miserably the first time.
  14. I may be completely insane



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    2. Magus_Oscuro


      Spawn proofing the nether for a wither skeleton and blaze farm.

    3. KIlkAAAA


      Welcome to 412 club :D

    4. Mutley


      meh, it's only 128 blocks around the farm :P

      Ive been trying to do one for over a year now... hasn't worked out lol

  15. Hanging with the Grown Ups