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  1. Like what? As far as I know the nickname plugin (nicky) has the same character set limitations as mojang for the official names, Meaning a-z, 0-9, and _.
  2. How does this shop work? Give us more details here in the thread. Do you need to be online for players to buy pets? Do you have a way for other players to sell there pets an this shop? I probably would be against a direct warp for a shop for pets only from a single player. Particularly since pets can't be transferred when that player is offline.
  3. I'll try installing this one on the creative server, but I am worried about the support issues that will happen, if we were to put it on the SMP. Specifically from use of the /astools command which apparently clears the players entire inventory. Do you know if the features of the plugin can be used without that? I am sure none of the staff wants to deal with players whining about how they lost their favorite sword or something. If we were to add this to the SMP, obviously we won't enable the feature that lets player execute commands as the console, that could and would be heavily abused.
  4. Well maybe spam torches or some other light source to make at least a ~80x80 space around the warp in point safe if you can? The warp in point should be completely safe, the areas around it can be a bit relaxed
  5. Unless you turn it off you will get try office notification it is usually just a notification bubble, and an entry in the action center.. Unless you turn it off you will get appstore suggestions when you search the start menu. None of the 'ads' are really overly distracting or annoying, but they do exist.
  6. Name-tagging the parents would probably also help.
  7. I don't think Impling is really all that sarcastic. But I am probably biased.
  8. http://smp.diversitymc.net:8123/?worldname=world&mapname=flat&zoom=7&x=10319&y=64&z=-17925 Feel free to zoom out, it is like 4,000 blocks long.
  9. Are you going to stick with Nelson on the forum?
  10. Creative, CreativePro, Event, and Mobarena servers have been updated to 1.12 Also of note, there is a new ticket plugin that is cross server. You create tickets with /ticket [message]. You do not need to include the open anymore. Survival Games, and Skyblock are still 1.11, and will likely stay that way for a while.
  11. The SMP server has been updated to 1.12 I will probably be upgrading event/creativepro tomorrow evening. Skyblock probably won't be upgraded for a while. The uSkyblock devs seem to have taken a break from that project.
  12. I was suggesting you replace the Barracuda with a Firecuda. Having a small SSD for your OS and data in addition to the SSHD for your games, and bulk data would probably be best, since picking up a 1-2TB SSD is out of your budget.
  13. You have a Seagate Baracuda on your specs. You might want to swap that out for a Seagate FireCuda instead. In USD there there it $69, vs $49 for the Baracuda. SSHD drives are a hybrid drive that combines the large cheap storage you get from spinning rust, with a small read/write cache on a small bit of fast solid state storage. It isn't as huge of a performance increase that you would get from a pure SSD, but there is still a noticeable improvement (25-50% in some cases) over a traditional spinning rust drive at the marginal increase in price.
  14. I remember spawning in the jail. Seeing the sheep that was Baaaaad, and walking out to read the all the stuff in the help section, , and Pdavid randomly teleporting to me for a nice jump scare while I was reading the help. After that I wandered off to an area North West of the Hub and I started collecting resources, and mining stone for my Ziggurat project.
  15. There is another Fungus commonly associated with bread also. Ergot happens to produce lysergic acid, which is used in the production of another compound LSD. Some people even say that Ergot was responsible for the hallucinations of the children during the Salem Witch trials.