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  1. I'll bring it up with other staff, but I was hoping that you might put a bit more effort into your post. Your arguement so far seems to basically be 'it has been 8 months', and 'just trust me'. Maybe spend some time thinking and writing a paragraph or two about why you should be unbanned, and or how you will make sure that you don't repeat the mistakes from the past.
  2. Which version of Java are you running on Linux? Oracle, or openjava? You might need to install to use Oracle. But I really don't know much about the java client on Linux.
  3. auto fishing is not permitted except on vanilla.
  4. I can't really do much with a youtube video. But if you have any suggestions that are in the 'note block studio' format I'll add them to the rotation. - Jukebox plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/icjukebox.6129/ - Current songs https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/icjukebox/pages/tracks - Some details about NBS https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/icjukebox/pages/edit-song-name-author
  5. I'll have to keep listening but I got through the first 8 songs I think I hard heard some of them in sound tracks or in the background in the past. It seems pretty good so far.
  6. Sorry for the slow reply, I finally got around to checking the forum. Sorta depends on my mood and what I am doing. While I am work I tend to listen instrumental covers of pop stuff. So things like, but not limited to Sonya Belousova, ThePianoGuys, and Lindsey Stirling. But I also like listening to instrumental movie sound tracks, so something like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore. Also some video game sound tracks like Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu), Halo, and so on.
  7. So do you have some playlist suggestions or something for a person that really doesn't know anything about Jazz? What should I listen to to get a good understanding?
  8. If you want a starting point see our current random teleport plugin. https://github.com/Phoenix616/RandomTeleport
  9. Just locking this. The update from the official dev fixed most of the issues.
  10. Can do anything until you provide a valid name. There has never been a player with the name `LoudOw157` that you provided as your to the first question. https://namemc.com/name/LoudOw157
  11. Zoredache

    Arena help.

    Your arena was pvp enabled without a proper warp request because you said it was for you to temporarily test of things before you submitted a request. The other day Wither tpahere'd a bunch of people and then got really rude to other players someone else had tpa'd to the area. From the complaints I was getting Wither was making changes to the arena preventing to walk out of the pvp zone. I also had reports that he was spawn killing players after they used /back to get return and collect their stuff. (possibly meaning that it de-spawned before it could be collected) Since I was at work, and seeing tons of complaints about the arena, I disabled it. I was at work I couldn't really stop the chaos quickly any other way. Wither decided that it was a good idea to respond to me disabling it by being rude to me, other players in general chat then rage-quitting. At this point it will probably remain disabled until the arena is complete and a proper warp request is submitted, and at that point I will be applying the standard protections I apply to all arenas which block all build access preventing from making changes. I was going to try talking to you about it in-game. But I haven't seen you online at the same time as me. At least not when I was actively playing, and not afk at the guardian farm for lamp making materials.
  12. These servers have been updated to 1.12.1 creative, creativepro, event, hub1xii, mobarena, serenity, smp, vanilla
  13. Like what? As far as I know the nickname plugin (nicky) has the same character set limitations as mojang for the official names, Meaning a-z, 0-9, and _.
  14. How does this shop work? Give us more details here in the thread. Do you need to be online for players to buy pets? Do you have a way for other players to sell there pets an this shop? I probably would be against a direct warp for a shop for pets only from a single player. Particularly since pets can't be transferred when that player is offline.
  15. I'll try installing this one on the creative server, but I am worried about the support issues that will happen, if we were to put it on the SMP. Specifically from use of the /astools command which apparently clears the players entire inventory. Do you know if the features of the plugin can be used without that? I am sure none of the staff wants to deal with players whining about how they lost their favorite sword or something. If we were to add this to the SMP, obviously we won't enable the feature that lets player execute commands as the console, that could and would be heavily abused.
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