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  1. I have been trying to wait, to let you all get you say in, we have had this discussion on staff channels, in the forum, discord and so on many times in the last few years. But here is my current opinion. > Reset the main SMP world? I am not going be the one to reset the main SMP world. I would probably just quit, and as far as I know there isn't anyone else available that has the skills, interest, and funds that I would be willing to transfer the server too. > 1.18 potential upgrade problems Next 1.18 is going to be a massive world change because of the height changes. I have no idea what is or what will need to happen to support 1.18. Mojang hasn't officially released it yet, and spigot/paper haven't made any suggestions about how a transition will happen. It might not be possible to upgrade the main SMP world to 1.18, or maybe it will. I am not going to spend time right now making promises or guesses about what will have to happen to support software that hasn't been released yet. > Server costs Currently we are renting a pair of servers from OVH. We have had these two servers for a couple years, there is a newer server available that I have been thinking about upgrading too. That could be less expensive. Current servers cost $273/mo - srv-05 RAM 64GB, CPU i7-6700K, Storage two 1TB SSD + 3TB HDD - srv-06 RAM 64GB, CPU i7-6700K, Storage two 500GB SSD + 3TB HDD The new server I would have to setup without using RAID1, which probably will only worry me. Without storage redudancy, if the drives fail, it would take weeks for me to re-upload 1.5TB of backups I have on my home computer. - Potential new server CPU Ryzen 7 5800X, RAM 128GB, two 1TB NVME + one 4TB HDD Last time I checked this was like $210/mo, but OVH is currently out of stock at this moment, but I am hoping the server I have been looking at will be available again later this month, or maybe in September. I haven't done this earlier because I haven't wanted to replace the server until the next version (11.x) of Debian is out. Debian is used as the base operating system. It then runs docker and ~50 containers for all the various services. Upgrading in place is a pain, it is easier to bring up a new server on 11.x, and transfer everything over to the new server. So I have been waiting for the official release before I upgrade the hardware. > Additional survival server/world. Turbo is right, we have discussed this in the past. Some staff have been strongly against it, some where for it, and I believe I have more or less been in the middle. I am not completely opposed to it, but I believe there are some potential problems with it. since I think it will add a lot more work to staff, which I try to avoid. If we were to create an additional SMP server world I would be strongly against. - Any kind of linked inventory - Any copying of builds, farms etc I will not add actually another smp server until I get an upgraded server hardware and base operating system. Having another SMP server will potentially be confusing for new players. I am not sure how to handle this. Having another SMP server will potentially require more staff effort. It will basically be more places for staff to check for griefing of public spaces, players will be more spread out so checking for and finding griefers will be more of a pain. If we started a new world, I would be strongly tempted to remove or heavily restrict the wilds/random teleport from the old SMP to discourage more exploring and growth. If we were to start another world I would want to remove or replace some of the plugins that have been causing the most problems. Plugins I think must go Autorank This is our player rank system. But it is also constantly breaking the database. It is not reliably cross-server. Waiting for a relaible and stable versio of this has been the biggest cause of deplays in the last 2-3 updates. But I have no idea how to handle rank up without this plugin. Or what to do instead. Shopkeepers The shopkeeper plugin unfortunately also tends to update very slowly, and because it is strongly linked to our economy, if this plugin breaks it causes chaos. What do we use instead? I will not support any plugin where staff defines pricing. Pricing needs to be set by players. AddLight I think this got added for some staff creative stuff NoTrample shouldn't be required with recent worldguard GriefPrevention This plugin actually isn't supported anymore. You basically have to use unofficial forks these days But what should I use as an alternative? Worldguard supports claims, but it is less user-friendly There was another plugin similar to Griefprotect we were looking at, but I have never been get it to correctly import the old data. But it might be fine on a new world. Plugins that are mostly likely fine Advanced-Portals AsyncWorldEdit AutoMessage BanManagerBukkit BBeeChecker BetterRTP BlocksHub BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge BuycraftX CoreProtect DeluxeChat DiscordSRV DurabilityAlert Dynmap EssentialsX EssentialsXProtect EssentialsXSpawn ExtraContexts FarmLimiter HolographicDisplays HorseTpWithMe JoinDate LuckPerms Multiverse-Core Multiverse-NetherPortals Nicky nuvotifier PhantomX PlaceholderAPI PluginLibrary ProtocolLib ProxyTicketsBukkit SAML ServerSigns SuperbVote TitleManager UltimateTimber Vault ViaVersion VoidGenerator WitherSound worldedit-bukkit worldguard-bukkit WorldGuardExtraFlags
  2. Not sure what to suggest. I don't have any information from what I can see.
  3. I do wonder if this would have been better built in the end. This article suggests the End can be a better choice, since their is no night time there, and the bees never sleep.
  4. Yo! wassup ;D it's izzsykes from the server! pleased to meet you on the forums :D just popped by to say hi! 

  5. You should be able to login now. Feel free to continue on your current island.
  6. We were kind of hoping you would have put more then 5 seconds of effort into your ban appeal. Your entire argument so far, seems to be, that you think we should unban you because you want us too. Your original post didn't follow the appeal format, and even after updating it you don't seem to have put any effort into a convincing argument or anything. If you can't put some effort into actually writing a good appeal, don't expect us to spend a lot of effort reviewing it, or going out of our way to unban you. Also, now instead of trying to make a better argument you seem to be getting all passive-aggressive on unrelated threads. Unless you can come up with a really good argument, at this point your answer is probably no.
  7. Hello DiversityMC supporters, and players, You may have noticed or may notice in the next couple weeks that payments are failing for your supporter subscription, or that your supporter benefits have expired. There is a problem with our PayPal account, and some changes we were trying to make with it. Working with Paypal to get the account fixed is proving to be too difficult, and we believe we need to create a new PayPal account. Unfortunately, this means to continue supporting us we will request you to cancel out your old subscriptions, and re-subscribe through buycraft. You should cancel and wait until your current subscription benefits expire before renewing or else there can be issues with overlapping subscriptions. We appreciate your past and future support. Thank you for helping us pay to keep the DiversityMC servers running. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will update your subscription and continue supporting DiversityMC. If you have any questions please feel free to ask our staff, ask on the forum, or in the #supporter, and #help channels on Discord. We have included details about the old and new payment accounts, and screenshots for how to get to the page to cancel out subscriptions in Paypal below. DiversityMC Staff Buycraft: http://diversitysmp.buycraft.net/ New payment account details Seller info Email: diversitymcowner@gmail.com Seller info DiversityMC https://diversitymc.net/ Broken account PayPal details Seller info Email: turbotailz@diversitysmp.com Diversity Network https://diversitymc.net feedback@diversitysmp.com
  8. I'll bring it up with other staff, but I was hoping that you might put a bit more effort into your post. Your arguement so far seems to basically be 'it has been 8 months', and 'just trust me'. Maybe spend some time thinking and writing a paragraph or two about why you should be unbanned, and or how you will make sure that you don't repeat the mistakes from the past.
  9. Which version of Java are you running on Linux? Oracle, or openjava? You might need to install to use Oracle. But I really don't know much about the java client on Linux.
  10. I can't really do much with a youtube video. But if you have any suggestions that are in the 'note block studio' format I'll add them to the rotation. - Jukebox plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/icjukebox.6129/ - Current songs https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/icjukebox/pages/tracks - Some details about NBS https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/icjukebox/pages/edit-song-name-author
  11. I'll have to keep listening but I got through the first 8 songs I think I hard heard some of them in sound tracks or in the background in the past. It seems pretty good so far.
  12. Sorry for the slow reply, I finally got around to checking the forum. Sorta depends on my mood and what I am doing. While I am work I tend to listen instrumental covers of pop stuff. So things like, but not limited to Sonya Belousova, ThePianoGuys, and Lindsey Stirling. But I also like listening to instrumental movie sound tracks, so something like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore. Also some video game sound tracks like Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu), Halo, and so on.
  13. So do you have some playlist suggestions or something for a person that really doesn't know anything about Jazz? What should I listen to to get a good understanding?
  14. If you want a starting point see our current random teleport plugin. https://github.com/Phoenix616/RandomTeleport
  15. Just locking this. The update from the official dev fixed most of the issues.
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