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  1. Mutley

    You Tease

    Semi tempted to join in the 'be in Bohemian' compeition with my crappy rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody... (see trailer description)
  2. Mutley

    More Players

  3. Mutley

    Status on modded server

    I'd appreciate draconic evolution and archimedes ships (because that's a fun mod)
  4. Mutley

    Avalonian Community Rocket Chest

    May I recommend this improvement
  5. #StopThePuns

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    2. Mutley



      @DANime203 Muhahaha

      oohnoo, it reposted

    3. Mutley


      oh, it didn't don't worry

    4. Ash


      gosh dang it dan. #STOPTHEPUNS

      even tho my name is a pun but ye :mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob::mob:

  6. I like these new reaction buttons, they add a new 'diversity' to the forum :) 

  7. Mutley

    Anarchy Server Ideas!

  8. Mutley

    Thread of Puns

    Just why....
  9. Mutley

    Modded SMP?

    It's just better to have mods that go farting around with texture packs In relation to the modded server, I would love one, but honestly, I doubt it'll ever occur
  10. Mutley

    I killed zore twice

    May 2016
  11. Mutley

    Thread of Puns

    Did you know more cans of spam have been sold than there are people in the world... I mean, who even LIKES it???
  12. Mutley

    /ignore not working properly

    Ok, thanks Imp I've never /ignored someone before so I had no idea they can still message you
  13. Mutley

    /ignore not working properly

    Hi, I attempted to /ignore a player who was bugging me with /msg but sadly, this didn't affect his ability to send messages to me, which was sort of irritating. Would anyone be able to tell me if it is only meant to block normal chats, or if there is an issue? Many thanks, Mutley
  14. Thought of the day - 

    Intentionally losing at a game of rock, paper, scissors is just as hard as trying to win.

  15. Thought of the day - 

    If you replace W with T in What, Where and When, then you get the answer to each of them