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  1. Mr_PlayStation

    7 Favorite YouTuber

    7. Casey Neistat (In my opinion, the best vlogger on YT) 6. Xisuma (Redstone and HermitCraft) 5. Mumbo Jumbo (being a complete spoon and HermitCraft) 4. Hbomb94 (His Dedication to YT) 3. LinusTechTips (really good at making me feel poor) 2. Austin Evans (PC builds and also really good at making me feel poor) 1. AciDic BliTzz (Super good MC PvP, mainly Hypixel Skywars)
  2. Mr_PlayStation

    How did i not know this?

    Oh ok, that makes alot of sense now that i think about it. Still, how did i not notice that until now? Edit: nevermind i'm just dumb
  3. Mr_PlayStation

    What YouTube content do you watch?

    MC: most Hermitcraft and Cube members Tech: Austin Evans (litterally who i'm watching while typing this), Techsource, LinusTechTips, and BitWit Science-y and math-y videos: Vsauce and sometimes Veritasium Vloggers: Casey Neistat
  4. Mr_PlayStation

    How did i not know this?

    So, i just noticed something today. Why the heck does under Personal Info, it says Their MC IGN.
  5. Mr_PlayStation

    Dr_A's BIRTHDAY :D

    Happy Bday Dr A! Have a great day!!!
  6. Mr_PlayStation

    How did you come across Minecraft?

    I first found Minecraft Pocket Edition Edition about two years ago when almost all if my classmates played it so i decided to try it. I immediately loved it. After a while i decided to get the console version on my PS3. In this past year i decided to buy the PC version. After a while, I got bored of singleplayer so I decided to find a SMP server and I found this server.
  7. Mr_PlayStation

    Mr_PlayStation's AMA

    That's really hard but i have to say Rocket League, honestly I probably play it 10 hours a day, and i'm not over-exaggerating.
  8. Does anyone else still miss 1.8 or is it just me?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Merga


      I miss 1.8 so much. 1.9s changes to glass panes really wrecked a couple of my builds.

    3. Mr_PlayStation


      Honestly i could care less about the new combat mechanics it's just theĀ nostalgia and it messed with with redstone mechanics.

    4. Alkesta


      Yea. The redstone changes kinda sucked.

  9. Mr_PlayStation

    Made a new logo for Diversity!

    Who else set this as their wallpaper.
  10. Mr_PlayStation

    Made a new logo for Diversity!

    God so much talent I wish i was like you.
  11. Mr_PlayStation

    Mr_PlayStation's AMA

    Forgot about this post, so it's kinda late responding but my answer is PlayStation.
  12. Mr_PlayStation

    Autorank for Vanilla?

    For me this is the best solution not only to this problem but also with griefing, stealing, etc. In terms of what level to increase it to i would say to keep it near level 3 but still a bit higher. Maybe something like level 5.
  13. Mr_PlayStation

    Autorank for Vanilla?

    Personally I really like this idea but I also can see the problem with people abusing it.
  14. Mr_PlayStation

    Autorank for Vanilla?

  15. Mr_PlayStation

    Autorank for Vanilla?

    It only made it so it wouldn't work with iron doors but if you use fences it works. One easy tutorial is by someone named xisumavoid. Here it is. In terms of doing auto rank i say you should do it but don't connect it with SMP

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