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  1. Welp new laptop minecraft actually works on it lol, my town is probably a ghost town now. Ill catch up on the server later sending love currently to friends on Hypixel~


  2. Here's a few favorites of mine hehe I accidentally swallowed some food coloring the other day. The doctor said i'll be OK but, i feel like i've DYED a little inside :3 Why don't some couples go to the gym? because some just don't WORKOUT I'd tell you a chemistry joke but i know i wouldn't get a REACTION
  3. Some peeps just cannot take a yoke
  4. Wow, This is a very impressive creation! You can tell you spent lots of time on it~! <3
  5. Nirv

    Favorite weird Vid

    This is a lovely topic ive made Lmao
  6. Heh what if i told you that my game keeps crashing.. rip


  7. R.I.P Nirv My minecraft still wont work after months of trying to get it too >:(


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    2. Lucifer


      Have you tried uninstalling all the things, taking care to get it all scrubbed, and then reinstalling fresh?

    3. Nirv


      @Lucifer Yep ive done that atleast 15 times


    4. Lucifer


      Well boo :(

  8. When Sims takes forever to update so you just sit around reading ban appeals


  9. Nirv


    @DanTheGr8 it is for me where i live
  10. @mutleymuffin Lol i didnt even see that till now
  11. Nirv


  12. Its that time of year again where we all say who we are grateful for People Who i'm grateful for: Everyone of Diversity Why?: Well because everyone on the server has welcomed me since the day i started playing about a year ago i don't really play because my Minecraft broke but still Thanks! ❤ Reply who your grateful for!
  13. I miss working on my bootiful town -_-

  14. Ugh this election is killing me


    1. Dan203
    2. Panther


      the cheeto won

      keys i guess you already know who that is


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