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  1. Endless_Warrior

    New town looking for members!

    Hi my name is Endless_Warrior and I have decided to start a town in a snow biome. At the moment there isn't much at the town and I plan on letting a few people build and then adding in shops, Hotels and mini games. If anyone is interested in joining the town you can send me a message when I'm online or send me a mail when I'm offline. The theme for the town is old-ish and not modern. Keen to see how far this goes.
  2. Endless_Warrior

    Chrono & Associates Build Inc. Welcomes You!

    Hi chrono I am interested in this position. I have a few builds I could show you but I honestly love building.
  3. Endless_Warrior

    Velocity Ville builder job needed!

    What texture pack is that creeper confusion
  4. Endless_Warrior

    Open Doors Diversity Has Begun!

    Signed up!! Im excited to see what people think
  5. Endless_Warrior

    Show off your builds! :)

    @KIlkAAAA You would like to know that I'm starting another build it's gonna be a pretty big tower! Hopefully you can feature it when it's done

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