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  1. Game is Over! Thanks for playing. Results will be announced shortly.
  2. June is my Birthday Month. Guess the Day. Mail me in game or post your guess here. One guess per player. Closest guess wins 1DB, exact date wins 4DB. One guess per player multi guesses disqualifies you, sorry. NO cheating, and sorry but staff cannot play. Also, an exact guess and ill donate to make our monthly Goal. So everyone, PLAY! Results will be published after on June 30
  3. Hello all. Four times since the latest upgrade I have had villagers despawn. Always in a group of at least 6 and sometimes way more. Today I found all the villagers in my breeder had despawned but not the one on top. I had about 80 villagers in the spawner which is set away from all my other buildings and farms. If anyone has any idea why this is happening please let me know. Thank you, AzabaTheGr8
  4. If I lose my build I WILL NOT play on your vanilla ever again!
  5. and each home should have a different name right? also will /home still work? or will I have to use /home main
  6. and I have a /home clay will I lose that one now? can I set my main as /sethome main ?
  7. so I lost my main home because I did not name it with say /sethome main ? thanks in advance, Azaba
  8. that may have worked, it was off, thanks, owe you one, Azaba
  9. Azaba


    I have seen at the beginning point where after 5th lvl you could enter 1.9? Please explain this as 1.9 is a way superior game to 1.8. Thanks in advance, Azaba
  10. The http://goo.gl/z3HwDw addresses you post in game chat take up my screen and never work. None of them. Ever. says I have 13 votes but if I cannot follow the link they will go unspent. Just saying... Thanks, Azaba
  11. I am having trouble setting /sethome for my second home (lvl5). I have had to walk home twice now and cannot find instructions on your website or on the internet on how this function can be set and is supposed to work. I used /sethome (name) for second home and it became only home and I had to walk back to my main home. I looked here and on the www for better instructions but found none. thanks for our advise in this matter, as I do not want to walk home again, Azaba
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