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  1. I get sad when I see the Sad Pet Shelter...
  2. What do you think of my decoration?
  3. Okay, Lately (Well Yesterday Night) I started working on a Sky Town, But whilst continuing that today, I thought: "What if I combined a Sky Town, Undeground Town and a town on the surface together??" Reply what you think of my lame idea!
  4. Merga! Comic Sans is an amazing text! Also cheese is a number! I checked. Proof: "1 2 3 4 5 cheese 7 8 9 10" See!
  5. 1. Wedding. I would of divorced on the exact same day anyway 2. Save the life of a starving child I will never meet cuz I have no interest in Star Wars.
  6. This one creeps me out a bit..
  7. 10 for the bootiful build of a face at the end
  8. I rate this song Bae Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun.mp4 I also rate this song Bae Nightcore - Dollhouse.mp4 I also rate this song Bae! Nightcore - Hall of Fame.mp4 What? I'm addicted to Nightcore.
  9. No it's not! The piggy wanted it!
  10. Making Sky Town! Contact KawaiiUnicornYT in game if you want to reserve a plot or supply items or help build it!



    1. xKawaiiBunnyYTx


      Also you will be able to do any type of house you want, Like the one on the left is AdenBagelz's plot and the one on the right is my plot!

  11. Currently working on a town, What type of town should it be?
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